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Off to a Winning Start: 3 Cheats to Help You Tip the Right Teams in the 2014 AFL Season

This year’s footy tips AFL season is a fresh slate for you to turn around all your tipping results from previous years gone by. To experience such a change of fortunes, however, you can’t go into this year of competition by just blindly tipping at random. The best way to get off to a winning start is by adopting a few strategies that will give you the best shot at experiencing success. No, these aren’t magic solutions that will solve all of your AFL tipping woes at once. Instead, these strategies, or cheats if you will, are intended to help give you some of the knowledge you need to make more accurate tips. Here are 3 cheats that can give you a hand with tipping the right teams in the 2014 AFL season.

Pay Attention to All Match Outcomes from Around the League

This is a cheat that simply requires you to expand your focus so that you pay attention to the outcomes of all the matches going on around the league, not just the ones you’re officially tipping for. Why? First off, this practice will provide you with a much clearer picture of the situation around the league from one week to the next, enabling you to potentially identify and tip for a different collection of match ups that may give you a better shot at experiencing success. When you’re aware of how every team is doing, it becomes far easier to establish the confidence needed for tipping on different matches whenever the matches you normally tip for fail to bring you any results. Secondly, paying attention to the outcomes from across the league also gives you the chance to practice your tipping ability by making unofficial selections for all the other matches outside of those you officially tip for during any given week. Making these unofficial tips in addition to your official tips is one extra thing you can do each game day to improve your ability at picking the right team when it actually counts.

Always Use Statistics to Your Advantage When Making a Selection

Another strategy that’s essentially a cheat when it comes to making accurate selections is to turn to the statistics of each team competing in all the matches you plan on tipping for. Essentially, statistics are a language that you can read to see the current status of any given team as well as their entire history of wins and losses. The more effort you put into looking up this information, the higher your chances of picking a winner. Some of the most revealing statistics to reference include overall win/loss percentage, length of longest win/loss streak, players with the most points on the season, record at home vs. away, outcomes of recent match ups, and the history of wins/losses for each team when they faced each other in the past.

Take Expert Analysis into Consideration Before Tipping

One last cheat you can use this AFL season for selecting the right team is to look at what the expert analysts are saying about each of the match ups you tip for. This doesn’t mean you should listen to exactly everything these experts say and allow them to dictate all your tips for you. Instead, what’s intended with this cheat is that you find a professional AFL analyst whose opinions you respect, and then at least consider what they’re saying about the match ups you’re concerned with before placing your tips each week. You might not agree with their perspective all the time, but they can serve as a second opinion that might cause you to rethink certain selections. There are plenty of experts out there on all of the different AFL hubs both online and on television who offer their opinions for match ups occurring across the league each week. Use their expertise to find reassurance in your selections or to make a reassessment when, deep down, you know you might have missed something.

Getting off to a winning start this AFL season with all of your tipping selections is possible, but only if you prepare yourself with a few cheats that can make all the difference. Pay attention to the outcomes of all the match ups across the league, always use statistics to your advantage, and take expert analysis into consideration. Using these cheats should translate into success when attempting to tip for the right teams this AFL season.