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Three Betting Strategies That Will Help You Maximise Your NRL Tipping Odds

Success and failure in NRL tipping is based upon your overall preparedness when it comes time for you to make a wager on a particular match up. The best way to ensure you’re as ready as you can be is to take advantage of a few simple betting strategies that can make all the difference when it comes to you being able to tip with maximum odds in your favour (versus having those very same odds stacked against you). If you’re looking for a way to maximise your odds, these strategies will help you make better NRL tips. Here are three of the best betting strategies that you can start using right away to max out your NRL tipping odds.

Bet on a Small Pool of Matches to Start, Then Gradually Increase

The most popular strategies among experts are also the smartest, and one way you can give yourself the best chance at succeeding in NRL tipping is by taking the smart route and betting on a small pool of matches to begin with. Every new NRL season brings with it changes from the last, meaning that the top clubs from previous years might not necessarily still hold that ranking this time around. As a result, you as an NRL tipper need to test the waters first before you dive in, taking into account all the potential changes that can occur over an off-season and trying to establish an idea as to who the new favourites might be this time around. By tipping for a small pool of matches to start, you avoid all the early season unpredictability that can translate into a slew of lost bets if you were to start off too quickly. Instead, take it slow until you have a collection of wins under your belt and you feel comfortable enough to expand the pool of matches you tip for during any given week. In the long run, your tipping odds should only improve. You’ll actually have a clear foundation to work from, as opposed to a tipper who placed too many bets in the beginning that cost them big time and forced them to play catch up ever since.

Use the Knowledge of the Experts to Your Advantage

Another betting strategy that can help your NRL tipping odds this year is to take advantage of the expert commentary that’s out there. Whether you subscribe to an actual expert NRL tips feed or you simply pay attention to what some of the top commentators are saying around the social media sphere, you’ll be getting the perspective of people who have years of experience watching the NRL and making calls on hundreds of different match ups. Plus, thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find out who exactly the most well-respected and trusted experts are, along with which “experts” you should ignore at all costs. Finding that right bit of commentary/advice can sometimes be a major factor that helps you come to a decision on a certain match, and in the end, assuming your source is someone reputable and respected, you’ll be increasing your odds of making the right selection.

Reference Your Tipping History When Making Your Selections

The third betting strategy you can use to improve your overall odds is to actually place your bets according to the results of your previous bets, whether they were wins or losses. Assuming you record all of your results, which you should be doing if you’re serious about becoming a better bettor, you can use that information to reveal which match ups you had the most success tipping for and which ones cost you big. For example, if there’s a particular match you’re looking to select a winner for and it’s between two clubs that you tipped for previously, you can reference each of those instances in your records to get accurate direction for how you should proceed with choosing the winner this time around. Your betting odds will improve because you’ll actually be placing them with an informed opinion directly based upon prior results that, more often than not, are the single best indicators when it comes to future results.

You can greatly improve your NRL tipping odds this season by integrating a few different strategies into your current tipping practices. First off, place bets on a small pool of matches to start, and then from there increase that pool incrementally as you experience success. Next, use the knowledge of the expert commentators/analysts in order to deepen your understanding of each match you tip for. Lastly, get into the habit of referencing your tipping history for all your selections so that you can learn from your previous wins and losses. Combining these three strategies should set you up for having a better NRL tipping season this time around than any year prior.