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AFL Tips 2014: Your Five Step Guide to a Successful Year

With a brand new AFL season set to kick off this week, tippers are already perusing the web for the best AFL tips 2014 has in store. After a thrilling Grand Final to the 2013 season which saw Hawthorn defeat Fremantle Dockers in a hotly contested game, fans are eagerly anticipating the coming season and debating which AFL squads are likely to appear in the Grand Final next year. If you’re planning to do some tipping of your own, check out this five step guide to beating the bookies and having a successful year.

The Best Tippers Have The Best Information

The most successful tippers year after year are always getting the newest and best information they need to make the right calls. If you want to beat the bookies this year, you’ll have to scour the internet for the latest news and rumours about your favourite stars. Find out what people are saying, what’s going on with different teams and what news is reliable. Once you have the latest information, you’ll be in a good position to make great tipping decisions.

Exploit Your Edge by Making Small Bets

If you’ve got what it takes to make a killing this year, it’s not going to happen in one day. Spreading your tipping budget out across the season gives you a chance to be consistent and make a steady profit. Try varying your wager amounts based on your level of certainty about a particular tip, but don’t wager your house on one match only to be disappointed. Slow and steady wins the race.

Focus on Favourites but Don’t Underestimate the Underdog

Betting on the favourite is almost always the right choice, provided you’re getting a good price for it, but don’t count out an underdog bet or two that could come in at the right time. If you choose just a couple of underdog bets this season, you might get lucky and get a big win that will help your overall balance.

Use In-Game Betting to Pull Off Big Wins

Only some sports books offer in-game betting, but it can be a great way to pick up wins. The best tip for in-game tipping is to wager on the favourite team when they are losing after the first half. Good teams have a way of re-grouping at half-time and can quickly turn the game around when the second half begins.

Don’t Try To Make Predictions Too Early

Everyone will be predicting who will make the Grand Final, but you should wait until at least mid-season before placing some grand wager. It takes at least this long to see what the narrative is for many teams – who is gaining momentum? Who is faltering? An injury at a critical moment could crush your team’s hopes of competing for the championship. Be careful about making early predictions for the championship, and keep your options open.

Follow this secret advice (and don’t tell your friends about it!) and you’re more than likely to succeed at tipping during the 2014 AFL season. Just remember – ask questions, do plenty of research, and focus on the favourites. With a bit of luck, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank this 2014 AFL season.