Is this the man to coach Port Power?


It was going to be a defining moment in this weeks AFL Betting Tips Sunday twilight game between Port Adelaide and Brisbane. Everything was going to be different from what we would see from Port. The consistency in performance was going to be there. They would be tough and hard in the wet. Not more turn up one week then not the next. Off the Showdown win last week this was going to be different…

…then we woke up from our dream!

Coach Ken Hinkley sets the tone

Hinkley glowingly 4 weeks ago post the win over top of the table Geelong declared “we can beat anyone in the AFL competition”. They have since lost to Bulldogs and Brisbane and beaten Adelaide in between. They have gone win-loss-win-loss etc  since Round 6 which is about three 3 months of that. Port supporters would be tearing there hair at the inconsistency.

Hinkley has a lot to answer for. Our view is his public comments only put undue pressure on a group that clearly cannot handle it. There is no need to do it. Sure internally talk the language required. But publically play a straight bat.

Targeting Lachie Neale just plain stupid…even Paul Roos and Garry Lyon agree

The very best players have always been targeted. Internally playing groups and coaches agree that certain players need to be attacked hard be it verbally or physically or both. It has been happening for 100 years or more. So Hinkley smugly saying “we are going to terrorise Lachie” in his pre game on TV is just another stupid Hinkley call. Why say it, just let the players do it. It is not about you Ken, taking tough, it is about your player’s actions. Paul Roos and Garry Lyon even felt compelled to comment about why Hinkley would do this, Lyon calling Port “fraudulent”.

While Port Adelaide was playing the man Brisbane were playing the ball with ferocity, all of this without two of their key players Hipwood and McLuggage (late withdrawal).

Brisbane a 7 goals to nil opening start…where were you Port

It actually defies any sort of belief that after the scrutiny Port Adelaide have been under they would turn it up like this. The inability to play with expectation that they would come out so lame in the opening quarter that they would concede the first 7 goals of the match and look half asleep is astounding.

Is Hinkley the man to take Port forward

Hinkley is simply not preparing his troops to perform after a win. It was a carbon copy of the Bulldogs only a fortnight earlier where they let Bontempelli run rampant.

So can Hinkley take Port forward? The answer is simple. Ken is not the coach to take Port Adelaide forward. The leadership is also a big problem as at no stage was there any demonstrative behaviour from the leaders about the avalanche of goals the Lions were bringing. It was a disgraceful effort by Port, plain and simple. And it has just happened too many times, despite the strong efforts in between.

Yes Port has a younger squad this year and you could argue the inconsistency. But in previous years, with a stronger playing group they still have had strong elements of inconsistency. After such a promising start in 2013 and 2014 just missing on a Grand Final berth, the group has underperformed.

Surely the most ardent Port fan would agree. And this for a club that exists to win Premierships and as Ken has said publically “will never, ever give in”! Once again there will be “soul searching” and “tough conversations” at Alberton, but it means nothing until they actually decide to put a couple of wins together.

With St Kilda’s Coach Richardson resigning today, that makes it 3 clubs now in the market. You would not want to be left behind Port. They can turn it around, they have the list to do so but it looks like a change for Port and Ken would be in their joint best interests.

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