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Take My Word for It: What to Look for in Expert AFL Tipping Advice

One excellent method of improving your AFL tipping performance this season is by seeking out expert AFL tipping advice. The Internet in particular has many quality AFL communities where you’ll find regular content posted by individuals who either have many years of experience watching and commentating on AFL matches, or who rank among the top rated tippers online when it comes to making accurate selections for match ups week after week. Yet, at the same time, mixed in with all the valuable advice that’s out there is also a whole lot of bad, misinformed advice that will only hurt your shot at success. So to make sure you’re reading the most valuable information that’s available, here’s what you should be looking for in any expert AFL tipping advice.

Clear Depth of Writing About Different Matches

A simple way to determine whether a certain bit of tipping advice comes from an AFL expert is to actually read through what’s been written and assess the depth with which the expert in question expresses their ideas about the game. The difference between someone who legitimately has enough knowledge about the AFL to be giving tipping advice for specific matches versus someone who’s simply writing advice to get views should be starkly clear. The articles or blog posts from the real experts will use technical language and will go in-depth to present their ideas as clearly as possible to their readers, explaining their line of reasoning for every bit of advice they give. It should be apparent just from reading a few lines of their post that they know all about the inner-workings of an AFL match and can discuss at length what goes into one side losing and another side winning. Fake expert advice, however, rarely if ever goes into detail, uses obscure language and explanations, and leaves you with just as many questions as you had before you started reading (assuming you’re able to get through it all). Between the two types, the depth of the advice itself will tell you who to listen to and who to ignore.

Backed Up By Positive Comments/Feedback From the Tipping Community

Another factor to look for in expert AFL tipping advice is to see what sort of feedback it has received from the general online tipping community. It’s important not to misunderstand what this means, since both good and bad advice can garner plenty of feedback from the community. The difference comes from whether the tipping advice is receiving praise or backlash. You’ll need to examine in detail the exact nature of the feedback, not just how many views a particular tipping advice post has gained. The real expert advice will be clear right away once you scroll down into the comment section of an article/blog post and find that other readers have had good things to say about the content itself. In some instances, you may even find the poster interacting with readers in the comment section by answering their questions and adding further explanation to something they said in their original post. Bad advice will garner just the opposite kind of feedback, with comment sections filled by negative remarks and the original poster nowhere to be found. A few minutes spent examining the feedback gained by any tipping advice should reveal just how expert the advice really is.

Does the Expert in Question Have A Long History of Giving Tipping Advice?

One last way of singling out expert AFL tipping advice is to look at the poster of the advice–the expert in question–and see what their history is with the online tipping community. Have they been consistently active for many years? Do they have dozens (if not hundreds) of previous advice based posts that you can find? Has the majority of their previous advice been well received by the tipping community? If you can answer yes to each of these questions, then the individual giving the advice you’ve come across is very likely an expert when it comes to the AFL, or at the very least someone who’s worth listening to when it comes to tipping. All the non-experts out there will either have a spotty history at best, in which most of their advice comes infrequently and is ill-received by the community, or no history at all, in which case they are probably one-time posters looking for some quick page traffic. Check out the history of any tipping advice poster that you come across and you’ll find out in no time whether they’re experts or not.

The benefits of expert AFL tipping advice to your overall performance this season cannot be understated, but you will only reap these benefits if you’re actually able to identify who the real experts are. Factors to be on the lookout for when it comes to quality tipping advice include a clear level of depth to the advice being given, positive comments/feedback from the tipping community, and a long history of previous tipping advice posts from the author. By paying close attention and evaluating the advice you see, you can find the perfect expert AFL tipping advice to help you win your bets this season.