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Avoid These AFL Football Tipping Pitfalls This Season

With AFL footy tipping, any success you experience when selecting the winning club for a particular match up is often the result of using winning strategies that have brought other tippers similar success in the past. The real danger though to your overall performance this season lies in failing to recognize some of the crucial mistakes that can truly hamper your ability to make accurate selections. These are missteps that, once made, can send any tipper into a losing slump that may be incredibly difficult to escape from. To protect against such an outcome, here are some AFL football tipping pitfalls that you must avoid at all costs this season in order to guarantee your success.

Keeping Yourself in the Dark About Key Developments Across the League

Essential to being able to make consistently accurate tips on a regular basis is inundating yourself with all the most important developments from across the league, developments that could potentially affect the outcomes of any number of upcoming match ups. Keeping yourself in the dark on changes that have taken place surrounding different clubs could spell disaster when it comes time to make your weekly selections. Knowing which developments are important to pay attention to and which are irrelevant is something that will come with time the more you stay current on all that’s happening. Basic factors though that no AFL footy tipper can afford to miss out on include news on the injury statuses of key players, issues off the field that threaten to distract certain clubs during matches, changes to the line ups of clubs that will help or hinder their success, and commentary from players that hints at the status of a club’s overall team chemistry. News on all these factors and more comes out each day from different sources around the league, and by seeking out all the latest you may be able to pick up a key bit of information that sways your final selections for one or a number of matches.

Making Too Many Tips at Once Without Working Your Way up First

Another pitfall that many AFL footy tippers experience season after season comes from making too many tips all at once on day one and never thinking about lowering the number of match ups they tip for. This is one of the quickest ways to experience a losing season, and it’s something that anxious tippers will often do without even realizing the risk. The main problem is that before you start to expand the pool of matches you make selections for on any given week, you should first establish a working strategy that actually brings you repeat success. To do so it’s always best to start small, right at the beginning of the season, tipping for only a handful of matches each week at a time. Then once you see the success rate of your selections increasing, that’s when you start to work your way up, tipping on more and more matches each successive week. Otherwise, making as many picks as possible right from the start will only sabotage your shot at a winning season and, more than likely, throw you into a losing slump faster than almost any other pitfall out there.

Failing to Learn from Mistakes and Build on Successes with Records

One way to improve your tipping performance is to look back on previous results and learn from the outcomes. Failing to keep records is a common pitfall that countless AFL tippers experience. The tippers who are keeping records of their selections, however, are able to see the advantages brought by the practice and, more than likely, have had more success because of it. With records of which match ups you were and weren’t able to select winners for, you can look back and single out the factors that contributed either to your success or your failure. With those factors brought to light, you’ll be able to move forward and adjust your current strategy, incorporating the facets of your past wins and shedding away those of your past losses. Records of your personal tipping results are an excellent way to provide yourself with a guiding compass that you can reference whenever you feel at a loss for which selection to make for any given match up.

The world of AFL tipping is filled with both successful and unsuccessful tippers, both of whom use separate methods that contribute to their wins or losses. To avoid becoming a member of the unsuccessful camp, the best thing to do is to learn the common pitfalls that hurt the results of many tippers out there. By doing the opposite of what these three pitfalls describe, you’ll be arming yourself with the best strategies for experiencing a successful season of AFL tipping.