EPL tips review

EPL tips review

The English Premier League season and our EPL tips is at a really interesting stage as we dissect the season to date and our EPL soccer tips and the results we find in many respects will not surprise many but it is a good week to be reflective of our English Premier League tips.

EPL tips – top of table

Our EPL soccer tips table shows Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool all equal except goal difference and on 6-2-0. They are the only EPL tips teams that are even remotely quoted to win the EPL title with the Win Title English Premier League tips market as follows:
Man City $1.70
Liverpool $3.50
Chelsea $8.50
Of recent weeks in EPL tips teams have been able to force draws against these teams but clearly not beat them as all three remain unbeaten. We will concentrate our EPL soccer tips on the draw when bets involve the top three clubs.

EPL tips – Arsenal and Tottenham

Arsenal and Tottenham sit fourth and fifth respectively on the EPL table both on 6-0-2. The interesting thing here is neither side has had a draw and our EPL tips analysis indicates they either win or lose. Tottenham is $34 and Arsenal $41 to win the EPL title. Arsenal has won its last five games 17-5 for/against after a 0-2 start losing to Chelsea and Man City. Arsenal has a recent history of not losing to bottom or mid rank sides and this seems to be the case in EPL soccer tips 2018/19 and Tottenham does not seem to be as strong as 2017/18.

EPL tips – Manchester United

Manchester United sits eighth on the table and is in turmoil with Manager Jose Mourinho leaving a trial of destruction through the PR and communications. It is all about Jose unfortunately however in his defense United did not support him to the required level with off season recruiting. That said, he doesn’t have to carry on like he does and you get the feeling he is one win away from good-bye! No hope of Champions League next year, only way forth would be to qualify via FA Cup or win Champions League this year…unlikely!

EPL tips – The Big Improvers

Bournemouth and Wolves are the two big surprise packets of our English Premier League tips season sitting sixth and seventh respectively year to date. Wolves recently promoted has really leapt into the season with great zest and are 4-3-1 but 4-1-0 the last five weeks as equal top ranked performed side the last five weeks along with Man City and Bournemouth are 5-1-2 season to date.

EPL tips – the Mid Table group

There is a group of sides, seven in total ranked ninth to fifteenth who will struggle to qualify top seven Europa League but we think are safe from relegation. Watford is the top of them ranked ninth after a stellar start and West Ham after fifteenth coming good after a poor start. Their win/draw/loss ratios sit 34% win, 18% draw and 48% loss. In our EPL tips betting strategies we will be looking to extract value opportunities especially when teams 9 -15 are head to head.

EPL tips – the Relegation Five

In our EPL soccer tips analysis, five sides look set to stay in relegation zone and need drastic improvement to climb up the table. They are Southampton 1-2-5, Fulham 1-2-5, Huddersfield 0-3-5, Newcastle 0-2-6 and Cardiff 0-2-6. There is only one win in the last five weeks between these sides at an average win rate of 4% and is a damning stat. The upside would be value EPL tips pricing may evolve but based on these stats the draw ratio is about 28% so anything above $4 does create some value.

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