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2019/20 English Premier League – FREE 30 Day Trial

We introduce you to 2019/20 English Premier League tips and betting service.  We apply our successful Human Behaviour Model to our EPL tips service. The HBM Human Behaviour Model applies the variances of performance of Human Behaviour in team sports overlayed with bookmakers odds to establish value betting propositions for subscribers. The English Premier League games are mainly played Saturday, some Sunday games and occasionally mid week and of course also compete in the FA Cup and League Cups. After your FREE 30 Day Trial we will email you and provide a special monthly offer to subscribe.

What the punters say.

“I have seen the Human Behaviour Model work on the NFL, NBA and AFL and can see how it applies to the English Premier League”
Tony S – Glenelg East

“Fantastic that iTipsports are making the EPL package FREE for 30 days and i can trial the service”
Anthony H – Melbourne 

“3 winning years in AFL, bring it on EPL”
Tim G – Perth 

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  • Follows successful betting formula of HBM Human Behaviour Model applied to team sports betting
  • Form sheets and tips including prices, commentary and unit investment for staking plan emailed the day before game day
  • Includes all EPL games and selected FA Cup, League Cup, Champions and Europa League games

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