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NBA tips 2018/19

Welcome to NBA tips 2018/19 as we look forward to the best NBA tips in the market place from our NBA expert tips.

NBA tips – Starting Bank and Staking Plan

The most important point straight up with our NBA tips is to work to a Starting Bank. Your NBA expert tips starting bank should be an amount of funds you are comfortable to invest within your lifestyle that will not materially change your day to day life. Do not overcommit yourself, you must be able to enjoy your investment within the ebbs and flows of investing into Sports betting with our best NBA tips.

Typically, a 1% investment of your bank is an example of your investment level on a per bet basis. So a 1% = 1 unit etc etc and if your bank was say $1,000

And you must have a Staking Plan to our 1 unit, 2 unit strong bets and 3 unit best bets plan to maximise our returns on investment.

NBA expert tips Human Behaviour Model

Our betting strategies and methodology is based on our exclusive HBM Human Behaviour Model which calculates the peaks and troughs and ebbs and flows of team performance and human performance within a team environment. Our NBA tips flows on from our successful use of the HBM within other teams sports such as the AFL, NRL, EPL and NFL who all demonstrate the physical and mental aspects that can affect team performance and individuals within it on a daily or weekly basis. You can read more about our HBM at:

Best NBA tips – Bounce and Peak Performance Run

In our game preamble you will see terms such as “bounce” and “peak performance”. Both of these terms are pivotal to our HBM Human Behaviour Model methodology around AFL tips and betting.

Bounce is where we see a team coming off relative poor performance(s) and we look for the core human nature character to want to bounce back from this lack of effort in a result.

Conversely when a team has a game or run of games of peak performance our AFL tips and betting modelling applies the human nature character of over performance or comfort zone.

Whilst simplistic in description we then apply our HBM to this and overlay with book makers odds to see if NBA tips bet applies.

 You could call it a contrarian approach with human behaviour characteristics applied against the bookies odds to establish whether a team is or is not a betting proposition.

NBA tips when and how many will I receive

We will analyse EVERY NBA game and games which qualify our NBA expert tips will come the day prior each game with a brief overview of the games. Remember games are daily so in most scenarios we will provide with our NBA tip on a daily or every second day basis. So that’s it and welcome to NBA tips 2018/19 and we are looking forward to providing to you the best NBA tips in the market place.

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