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AFL Round 5 tipping and betting The Wash Up

“The Wash Up” AFL tipping and betting Round 5

Round 5 results –
Line Bets – 5
Winning Line Bets – 2
Win Bets – 1
Winning Win Bets – 0
Ave win bet odds – $3.15

Season to date results –
Line Bets – 19
Winning Line Bets – 10
Win Bets – 9
Winning Win Bets – 3
Ave win bet odds – $4.20

Now Swans really in trouble…Hawks off hook
Sydney remains at the foot of the AFL table at 0-5, quite an incredible situation. Last years Grand Finalists will now really struggle to make the eight. They will need to win two-thirds of their games to do that. After a 4 goal to nil start, GWS then kicked the next seven unanswered goals to lead by 15 points at quarter time. Following the Swans in AFL tipping and betting. We think there will be opportunities at some point with the Swans but when is a guess.

Hawthorn had a convincing win over the hapless-away-from-home Eagles. We took the +18.5 which was a cracking bet as events had it and the WIN $3.20 was cream on the cake! We will hold our breath on what is ahead for the Hawks. We have seen Hawks players talking up finals, a little premature on our view and expressing what we would consider false confidence. We were confident a bounce and got it, so lets see from here.

Crows and Giants still topped ranked, Geelong impressive
Adelaide and GWS are still clearly the topped ranked teams with impressive wins. The Crows again score +150 points. The Crows do have an impressive forward line but their ball movement going forward is seriously good and defensive pressure allows them to get the ball back quickly and efficiently. They are well coached and a serious side. GWS has the most talent and looks in good shape. They really hurt the Swans badly.

Geelong was very impressive in beating St Kilda and we have them the third ranked side in the AFL. They applied strong pressure and won comfortably against a Saints side that has been average thus far this year but were much stronger v Geelong. Whilst Selwood is in their side they will be strong.

So what mid ranked teams do we rate or not rate!
Richmond is still the bolter and at 5-0 had a very strong, gutsy win over Melbourne. Down 20 points at three quarter time Richmond overwhelmed Melbourne at the G in front of 85,000. They have now covered the line in all five games. It was a massive win for the Tigers, now they front the Crows.

Melbourne has lost their last three games, two of them, Freo and Richmond, they had done. Melbourne has lots of talent but the loss of ruckman Gawn is a massive loss.

Freo and North was a really good game. North has lost another one by under a goal, three for the year. Highly competitive, we are not sure how long North can continue to concede close honorable losses. Freo is one in the mid table mix, no better in our view. But three in a row is impressive from a 0-2 start.

St Kilda had been averaged up to now but we were impressed with the Geelong game, albeit a loss. We are looking to see if they can sustain form. We suspect that they may be one of those sides that performs better against the top ranked sides but a suspect mental lapse against the bottom sides. Are the Saints ahead of themselves.

West Coast wins at home but not away, not sustainable.

Collingwood is in deep, deep trouble and a coaching change is looming after years of mediocrity. As difficult as Mick Malthouse was to manage, we can only wonder what might have been if he kept the Pies job and Buckley had have cut his teeth elsewhere. We are reliably told he had the North Melbourne gig. So that sits with Eddie McGuire and his tenure must be questioned as this has all happened under his watch. The recent loss of Neil Balme to Richmond because of the appointment of Gubby Allan (now suspended) in the Senior Football role only adds further woes to the Collingwood picture.

The Bulldogs are in an interesting phase and look still in premiership hangover to us. Brisbane had the Dogs done at three quarter time but talent won the day. The Dogs are away at 4-1 but jury is still out and we are watching closely.

Port Adelaide also at 3-2 is in an interesting spot. We think they are more likely than less to make the top 8. Ryder is their most valuable player and his first hit to possession will be telling as the year goes on.

Gold Coast got their pants pulled down by Adelaide and we will see how they respond.

Jury is out on Essendon but we don’t mind the Bombers corridor uptempo game and they will beat most if not all teams around and under them on the table.

Brisbane and Carlton will be the bottom two.

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