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AFL Betting Tips 2020 Adelaide and Brisbane

AFL Betting Tips 2020 – ADELAIDE CROWS

2019 FINISHED 11th 10 wins and 12 losses


In AFL Betting Tips 2020 it is all about a fresh start for Adelaide. The Crows have been through the ringer since the insipid grand final loss in 2017. A camp that was supposed to bring trust and togetherness along with a tougher mental application had the total opposite effect. It left a great divide between the coaching and playing group, something that they were unable to overcome.

Adelaide Crows – External Review Gives Hope

A full external review was conducted but not before Crows Coach Don Pyke fell on his sword also meaning he would escape the scrutiny of such a review. Football manager Brett Burton and Senior assistant coach Scott Camporeale were the two to take the fall whilst the CEO (Andrew Fagan), Chairman (Rob Chapman) and Footy Director (Mark Riccuito) all retained their position. However the Crows now have some new hope with a new Coach, Matthew Nicks who brings a skillset of connecting with the playing group. All reports are that the players have never been happier but at the same time they are yet to see Nicks under pressure.

Rebuild Plan for the Future and 800+ games out the Door

Adelaide have indicated they are on the rebuild, “planning for the future” was their buzz phrase during trade week. One wonders how Adelaide will go about scoring their goals as they have lost Eddie Betts and Josh Jenkins. Matthew Nicks has said he would like to see Walker on a wing and that’s all their firepower gone. The once formidable attacking unit seems to be reduced to a shadow of their former selves. They have also lost the talent of Sam Jacobs, Hugh Greenwood and Alex Keath who have found themselves some greener pastures.  With the club not really appointing a “senior” assistant to help first time coach Nicks its hard to see Adelaide going anywhere in 2020. We feel they are certain to go worse than last year. We have Adelaide winning about 8 games in 2020 sitting about 14th at seasons end, they are currently 8.5 wins in the season market so we see no value here they are a no bet play. 800 games gone.

2020 PREDICTION-ADELAIDE 14th  – 8 wins 14 losses


AFL Betting Tips 2020 – BRISBANE LIONS

2019 – 2nd Home and Away 16 wins and 6 losses


Brisbane were the biggest revelation in 2019, bouncing from 15th in 2018 with 5 wins they went on a tear racking up 16 wins for the year (2nd only on percentage). However they exited the finals race in straight sets leaving a question mark over them being the real deal. That said they were both tight games and far from disgraced. Their home wins were a big area of improvement for Brisbane in 2019 as they won 10 of 11 home games (only loss to Collingwood Easter Thursday). However they lost both home finals (to eventual Grand Finalists Richmond and GWS) and a disappointing end to a great year. The pundits in AFL Betting Tips 2020 are talking the Brisbane Lions right up…they may well be right but from a betting perspective and on our HBM Human Behaviour Model we do not see them as a value investment.

Brisbane Lions – can they put it together again without Hodge?

The big query over Brisbane is can the youngsters put two good years together and more importantly can they do it without their leader Luke Hodge? Hodge has been such a revelation in Brisbane the way he has been able to be effectively be an on field coach and no doubt has given tremendous confidence to those around him.  How do the young Lions handle the heat when the calm old head of Hodge is no longer there to direct and manage? It is the million dollar question and not to be underestimated in the path for 2020.

Brisbane Recruits tell us Grand Final Window is the Lions View

Brisbane no doubt believe they are in the “ GF Window” recruiting Ellis-Yeoman and Grant Birchall from Hawthorn adding some grunt and polish. But with such a spike in 2019 we are seeing a dip on the cards for Brisbane in 2020. Finishing in the top 4 they will be subjected to 9 games against top 8 opponents from 2019 giving them a lot tougher run at the season than last year. We see the Under Total Games Won as a possible bet as we have Brisbane winning 10-11 matches. They are currently at 13.5 Season wins and the clear expectation is of another kick up to an AFL Grand Fina. We are not so sure and the Lions may have run too hard 2018 to 2019 and teams will target them hard which will result in a slide down the table.

2020 PREDICTION BRISBANE 10th with 11 wins 11 losses