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AFL 2020 Carlton and Collingwood


2019 FINISHED 16th with 7 wins 15 losses


Carlton Football Club is one of a number of teams to be guided by a “new” coach for season 2020. David Teague takes the chair in a full time capacity after winning 6 of 10 after the sacking of previous coach Brendon “greenshoots” Bolton. Under Bolton the shoots failed to sprout any color let alone green. Carlton is the most underperformed club in the AFL in the last decade without any shadow of a doubt.

It was a rapid rise for Teague who when taking the interim position at Carlton Football Club. He was totally dismissed as a full time contender by then footy director Chris Judd who declared Teague was on his “training wheels”. So Judd has since resigned from the position, wonder why!

Carlton have a track record of performing well for past players, Walls, Jesaulenko, Barassi all former Carlton players taking them to a flag, and most recently Brett Ratten took them to consecutive finals. Nothing has worked since and it has been disaster after disaster.

Eddie Betts to be the saviour!!!

Eddie Betts returns to his motherland after being disenchanted at Adelaide and formerly being mentored by Teague. He is at the tail end of his career and it wont take much Eddie Brilliance to get the Navy Blue army up and about. But it will not be winning Carlton any games.

Any side with Patrick Cripps needs to be respected he is a bull and sure to bring his best again in 2020. Carlton look like they wanted to play for Teague last year as he came in and made the game simple again. But in the hustle and bustle of a new full season and all the pressure that comes with a senior appointment is this strategy sustainable? We are expecting a significant jump by the Blues with 10-11 wins on the cards. They are currently at 8.5 Season wins in the over/under AFL Betting Tips market and the over is worth a look given our positive bias to Carlton.
2020 PREDICTION  CARLTON 11th with 10 wins



2019 FINISHED 4th 15 wins 7 losses


Collingwood have been deep into AFL Finals in the last 2 years and they lost the Grand Final by less than a kick in 2018. Then in 2019 they were bundled out by the Giants in the AFL Preliminary Final by less than a kick. Now that is enough to tip anyone off the cliff but the questions being asked will be “what else do we have to do to get it done?” Quite often this question can lead to self doubt about what they have been doing and if there becomes a query of belief in game plan this can cause a disconnect.

Collingwood Magpies strategy a difficult position

Collingwood are precariously placed going forward despite having a strong list. They have managed to secure Brodie Grundy the star ruckmen but with Jordan De Goey and Darcy Moore out of contract and in demand the off field focus has potential to filter into on field results.

Collingwood Coach Nathan Buckley will be walking a finely balanced tightrope, convincing himself and his players that most of what they do stacks up and only some tweaks needed. That would have been easier to sell in 2019 than 2020 and its been 2 years running now that they have fallen short. Selling the dream to his players is going to be Buckley’s biggest task of 2020. Collingwood after 2 peak years and falling short are a better than even chance to underachieve. We see them sliding this year and the season wins market sees Collingwood at 14.5 wins. We see the under as an opportunity and we have Collingwood with 12 wins this year with a slide on the cards.

2020 PREDICTION -COLLINGWOOD 7th with 12 wins.