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AFL 2020 St Kilda and Sydney Swans


2019 FINISHED 14th 9 WINS 13 LOSS


St Kilda had a dominant off season recruiting splurge probably producing the best result over the trade period unseen in recent AFL times. They recruited five 1st choice players from other clubs, Premiership players Dan Butler and Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Paddy Ryder and Zak Jones. They lost one of the key midfielders in Jack Steven however a fit Dan Hanneberry may cover that with Josh Bruce the other notable absentee.

St Kilda – can it all gel in one season

The 2020 St Kilda question is will the influx of talent and a new coach all gel with the rest of the squad to rocket up the ladder. Our analysis suggests that 2020 will be the educational and team building year with the Saints set for a ladder climb in 2021. That being said they could get it going by mid year and push a little higher than last year.

St Kilda Coach Ratten – a gift come true with improved squad

No doubt new coach Brett Ratten will be happy with the preparation having won both of their pre season games. The big question will be how this converts in the season proper. The concerning aspect for St Kilda is their tough start to the year they play 5 of the top 8 sides in the first 8 games with two of the other matches 50/50 at best. The opening month and a half of the year will have a big bearing on what the Saints can produce in 2020. History does not treat the Saints well with 1 flag in its history so a bounce may be on but the bigger picture still massive question marks.
2020 PREDICTION -ST KILDA 16th with 7 wins




In AFL Betting Tips it took almost half of 2019 for Sydney Swans Coach John Longmire to realise that the run was up. The Swans who had not missed finals in a decade and won 2 flags in previous 14 years playing off in 5 grand finals finally looked slow and jaded and it was time to look to the future. This was compounded with having the games best forward unavailable or fully fit for most of the year and in all three areas Offence, Midfield and Defence the Swans had dropped right away.

Sydney Swans – Longmire mixes it up

Longmire began throwing the team around and getting a young look through his midfield mix mid year with some success from round 9 onwards. Sydney had gone 2 wins 6 losses to this point but the back half off the year some good signs were shown winning 6 losing 8 but showing some real growth in the development department.

Sydney Swans – miss the big fish

Sydney failed in the off season getting Joe Daniher to the club and because the energy was all put into making this happen and it didn’t Sydney faired terribly in the off season. This honestly looks a rebuild year for Sydney despite the apparent upside of the young group, Buddy has had another little knee clean out so not ideal and the likes of Kennedy and Parker will need to give up midfield time for the youth to make their way. We expect them to have a very un Sydney like season and be in the bottom  couple and it may be all toward 2021 for the Swans.
2020 – PREDICTION SYDNEY 17th with 6 wins