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NRL Tips 2014: Your Five Step Guide to a Successful Year

Footy tipping is a popular part of the NRL season. Australians love getting into the game and being involved with tipping competitions. If you’re in on the tipping action this 2014 season, make sure to play your best game possible with our five step guide to a successful year.

Be Selective with Your Service

Pick a tipping service that you trust, and that has exciting features. Some services have better payouts than others, and some offer bonus prizes throughout the season. Finding a tipping service that you enjoy and can get excited about is a great way to enjoy an NRL footy tipping competition. Some of the big providers offer great resources and instant updates for its tippers, making the game more interactive than ever. You can enter a variety of different competitions, but sign up for these with caution. Only enter as many competitions as you can handle, and remember to tip responsibly.

Stay on Point and Get Your Tips in on Time

As simple as it sounds, always remember to tip. Many tippers end up with default tips because they don’t get their own in by game time. Make sure you don’t lose out on points because you missed the boat on your weekly tips. Get your head in the game, and keep on top of your tipping schedule. If you’re the type to easily forget, ask a mate or co-worker to remind you regularly throughout the season. You could set yourself an alarm, or tip well in advance to avoid the painful loss of not playing the game.

Know the League and Follow the Games

The better a tipper understands how the teams and individual players are positioned, the better they can predict a game’s outcome. Even the most dedicated fan can afford to brush up on their knowledge and learn more as the season wares on. Statistics and favourites change throughout the season, and keeping up on these progressions will help you make the most informed tips possible. This doesn’t mean that all the board leaders in your tipping competition will be football gurus, but it does mean they will have a strong advantage when picking favourites.

Learn Where to Look

If you’re not so well seasoned in player and team statistics, there are ways to boost your tipping odds. When you find yourself questioning your predictions, you may want to turn to the bookies for answers. These guys know their stuff, and factor in all the influences that may affect the outcome of a match. By looking at the favourites, you can give yourself some clarity when making your tips. Footy tipping is not purely a science, and luck does play a role in a tipper’s success. It’s a game that is made to be enjoyed responsibly, and one that can be enjoyed by any Aussie. There is plenty of information online, and an abundance of facts and statistics to discover. Tipping competitions are a great way to get you talking NRL with your friends, co-workers and family.

Keep up and Watch NRL Coverage

The fundamental thrill of tipping competitions are the footy matches themselves. Make it a point to watch as much of the season as possible. Some tippers stick with their favourite teams, and this can put them at a disadvantage. Make sure you watch the league in its entirety, and get a first hand look at the competition. There will likely be times where your fan loyalty will conflict with the odds. It pays to watch all the footballer’s skills on the field, and doing so may even sway your NRL tips 2014 strategy.

Whether you’re in a small tipping competition with friends or playing for the big bucks with a national provider, the game is meant to be a gamble. Always have fun, and work the odds in your favour as you tip throughout the 2014 NRL season. Put your game face on, but remember that you’re here for the love the game.