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The Best Australian Racing Tips Start With Local Knowledge and a Little Understanding

The horse races are a fun way to enjoy a beautiful day, especially with the many luxury racetracks around Australia. To some, however, horse racing is much more than just a fun activity. Many Australian punters have turned their initially fun-driven hobby into a profitable career, which likely began with the best Australian racing tips available: local knowledge and understanding.

Knowing the Tracks and Understanding Track Bias

Having local knowledge when making Australian racing bets is particularly beneficial when it comes to the different racetracks. Understanding the history and tendencies of each racetrack when it comes to how fast or soft they are, and combining this with effects of the weather, can significantly increase your chances of making the right bet. This is especially true when the punter is able to combine this knowledge with the history of the particular horse when it comes to their performance on different tracks.

The punter must also always keep in mind track bias, which is the portion of the track that offers the most favourable racing surface. On a good track, the track bias is usually most favourable near the running rail; with this in mind, the punter may opt for a horse that jumps smartly and is drawn close, because this track will lend the most advantageous position to this kind of horse performance.

Considering the Local Jockeys As a Betting Component

Though bettors are generally advised against placing bets solely on the jockey, there are many punters who have made their hobby a profitable gamble by following jockeys. Nonetheless, whichever case may be true for you, it is always important to understand your local jockeys and their history when it comes to placing bets. Weighing the jockey’s history and past performance as a component to your punting decisions is key to making a well-rounded bet, getting you closer to that win. Avoiding public perceptions and misconceptions about the jockey, you should base your decision on the facts, and gain a little understanding about your local jockeys by doing your research beforehand.

Following Trainers and Stables

Getting to know the trainers highly involved in horse racing, as well as the particular stables in the area, is another piece of knowledge that will certainly come in handy when it comes to punting. Many punters in the past have made a very profitable career out of the sport by following particular trainers, but another strategy that could be even more profitable is to follow a particular stable or a select number of stables. Doing in-depth research on particular stables will assist you in deciding which ones are most likely to turn you a profit.

Getting to know the ins-and-outs of the horse racing world by putting local knowledge and understanding to use is arguably the best route to becoming an established punter. Once you get into the habit of doing your research, the knowledge will become like second nature to you. Before you know it, you’ll practically be picking champion horses by mere gut instinct.