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Australian Horse Racing Tips: Here’s Why the Best Tips Are at iTipSports

Horse racing is a sport that is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking to watch, especially if betting on the outcome of the races. With horse racing, there is so much strategy involved in predicting the outcome that it can be exceedingly difficult for anyone, let alone a beginner, to be successful on a consistent basis. As such, this is what the experts at iTipSports are here for. It is through this website that you can find a myriad of expert betting tips that cover every horse race during each season, ensuring that you are more than prepared before the starting time of each race. Here’s everything you need to know about iTipSports and why our tipping website is the best around.

Features That can be Found at iTipSports

When visiting the iTipSports tipping website, guests will notice at first glance that the primary tipping destinations are divided into 4 distinct points, that of AFL & NRL, Melbourne racing, Sydney racing and Brisbane racing tips. All of these areas contain highly specialized tips that are designed to provide members with the best and most current racing tips around. Each of these tipping packages contains their own pricing structure, which will be explained in more detail later on. While the AFL and NRL tips can certainly be lucrative, for the purposes of this article we’ll focus on horse racing and the various venues located throughout Australia.

While the absolute best tips are offered solely through a paid subscription, it is possible to sign up for our weekly newsletter which gives visitors a large number of fantastic betting tips to peruse. Fans of iTipSports can also follow the dedicated sports blog (the one you’re on right now!) for articles based on some of the latest betting tips and strategies. You’ll also find information about upcoming races and events to watch out for.

Types of Horse Racing Tips Available on the Site

As one of the best tipping sites in all of Australia, iTipSports delivers a wide range of horse racing tips that are designed to help members achieve the greatest possible results with each race. The professional horse racing tips that they provide members are divided into 2 distinct categories, that of specific tips that are updated regularly for each race during the season, as well as overall betting strategies that anyone will be able to employ within their overall repertoire. All of these tips are delivered by some of the foremost tipsters in the world, which include Pete Brinky and Ben Perkins, ensuring that you only receive quality tips and information.

How Members Benefit From Utilizing These Tips

When receiving these tips, members will not only have access to the top betting strategies for picking the winning horse, but also which horses are expected to land in the top 3, as well the suggested quaddie combination for each race, which is based on a very risky bet on the winners of 4 pre-selected races. Obviously, the quaddie combo is extremely difficult to pick correctly, but iTipSports gives members the necessary tips that will bring them one step closer to obtaining large winnings through this bet.

One of the best aspects of the provided tips is that they are classified into best, strong and value tips. This ranking system allows members to understand the risk involved with each betting strategy before they decide to employ it for the next race. Tips are given to members every Thursday before game-day, which typically takes place on a Saturday. With the aforementioned tips, members will also receive a look at the best bets of the day and an extensive preview for each race, as well as in-depth analysis of the most recent horse races to have taken place. While there is always a bit of chance involved with the suggested betting tips at iTipSports, they give members all of the tools needed to become a more confident and strategic better.

Why iTipSports.com.au is Better than Similar Tipping Sites

As with most sporting events and disciplines, horse racing is a difficult thing to predict. There are so many twists and turns within each and every race that choosing the outcome seems almost as impossible as picking a needle from a haystack. As such, it’s important to mitigate as much of that risk as possible, in order to find confidence in the chosen bets and strategies for each race. The best way to achieve this is through iTipSports. They provide members with the most premium tips available, tips that will greatly improve a betters chances come race time. When putting hard-earned money on a race, it’s important to go in with the best odds, something that iTipSports has proven over the years that they deliver on a consistent basis.

iTipSports Tipping Packages to Choose From

iTipSports has horse racing fans covered with tips for races throughout all of the primary horse racing regions in Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane races. These tips and strategies can be purchased through a number of different payment options. Once fans have settled on the regional races they are looking to bet on, they can choose from among 2 different tipping packages. The Weekend Pass is priced at $19.99 and covers all races for that particular weekend, while the Monthly Pass is priced at $50 and provides tips for each weekend during the month. As there are four race weekends during each month, those that choose the $50 monthly package will receive a fantastic savings of over 37 percent. Anyone that also enjoys football or rugby can pick up the AFL or NRL season pass tipping package for $299 apiece.