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Avoid These NRL Football Tipping Pitfalls This Season

With a new NRL season having just kicked off, tippers are already looking to get the upper hand on sports books with new betting strategies for the new football tipping season. Each week, the NRL provides us with magic moments, incredible comebacks, and exciting contests of strength and skill. If you’re a fan of sports tipping but you’ve never had much luck, you might be guilty of some common tipping mistakes. The good news is that once you realize what you’ve been doing wrong, you’ll start to realize what you could be doing right. Hopefully your luck will change once you read these common pitfalls in NRL rugby tipping.

Tippers Need to Take Full Advantage of Available Statistics

One of the biggest pitfalls in NRL tipping is not taking advantage of all the statistics that are available. As a casual viewer, you may have a good idea of which teams are better than others, but how should you decide which side to tip in a close contest? The statistics might be able to point you in the right direction. Stats for all NRL teams are available on the NRL website. You may find that certain teams perform better away from home or when playing at home. Some teams have very poor records against certain squads while performing very well against others. Looking at head-to-head statistics or performance in key areas before a match can help you pick the winner on match-day.

The Best Tippers Make Many Small Bets, Not a Few Big Ones

Making several small bets instead of just a few big one is one of the big secrets that professional tippers use to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re doing diligent research but never seem to get lucky, it could be because you’re wagering too much on individual games and not spreading your risk out enough. Great tippers know that by spreading risk around, they reduce the effects of bad luck and their overall outcome is based more on their long-term quality of decision making. This way, tippers that do great research come out ahead in the long run. Check out the statistics, read the newspapers, and make more small bets to limit your risk.

Good Tippers Don’t Bet Multiples

Multiples are a lot of fun and are almost like a lottery. Tippers like the idea of being able to put forth a small investment and get a huge payout from their multiple bets. At the same time, multiples can be very risky because you’re very likely to lose a lot. The reason losses are so high for these types of bets is that it’s very difficult to pick out the correct winner in four or more games. You may even make three correct choices, but lose because of the fourth one. Usually, you’re better off betting on individual games or game event and leaving the multiple betting to the casual punters.

Never Bet on Your Favourite Team

Everyone has heard this one before, but there is no truer axiom in tipping—never ever bet on your favourite team. If you do, you’re simply asking for trouble! It’s difficult to see the truth about your favourite NRL side. Sometimes it seems to you like they can pull off a win against a difficult opponent. You may even find yourself trying to justify why it’s a good match-up for them or come up with a reason that they can’t lose. The fact is that emotions can heavily cloud your judgment when you’re dealing with teams that you really like. Professional tippers never bet on their favourite teams.

Don’t Bet on Matches With Heavily Unbalanced Odds

If one team is doing incredibly well, winning all their games and blowing out their opponents, then you should probably steer clear from betting on them. This may seem like poor advice, but you simply won’t get good odds for these bets, especially if they’re playing a side that’s been underperforming. When the Bulldogs played the Sharks in week two, it was clear that the Sharks were overwhelmed from the very beginning and this was reflected in the odds. While betting the Bulldogs may have seemed like a sure thing, odds of just 1.06 or 1.10 should be a significant deterrent. Don’t make bets with small payoffs because, in the long run, the occasional upset will destroy your profit.

You now have a good idea of what professional tippers are doing and how you can improve on your NRL football tipping for the 2014 season. The NRL is a competitive league where anyone can win, so it’s important to follow a sound strategy to succeed at tipping this year. Look for odds of 1.25-1.30 or higher when placing bets and consult statistics on teams to make close decisions. Stick to betting one game at a time and never bet on your favourite team. Learn to avoid all of these common pitfalls and take your NRL tipping to the next level today.