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Getting AFL Expert Tips Can Improve Your Betting Performance, if You Know Where to Find Them

Not everyone has time to carefully research statistics and come up with the perfect combination bet or the most insightful tip. Professional tippers that are beating the books regularly use advanced algorithms and mathematical techniques including analysis of game databases to come to the best possible conclusions when it comes to betting. Pundits who are paid to watch and comment on the AFL and who spend most of their time watching and thinking about football can easily create accurate estimates of who you should be tipping. Thankfully, you can start to access this information and find out what real AFL experts are thinking about the upcoming games if you look in the right places. The internet, television and newspaper columns are full of tipping experts, and there are numerous blogs where you can get expert advice and analysis to help you make the right decisions. Check out this quick guide on how to track down the best AFL expert tips 2013 had to offer – and tips for the 2014 season.

Look on Twitter to Find Trending Tipping Advice

A lot of good research starts on Twitter. Although the 140-character platform doesn’t give AFL experts a lot of room to flesh out their reasoning for specific tips, it’s a great way to get a feel for what other sports enthusiasts think will happen in an upcoming match. You can try searching for your favourite sports pundits or personalities and see what they might have to say about upcoming matches. Accounts like TipAmmo AFL and TW Bet offer tipping advice and other insight into upcoming matches. There are also loads of tipping competitions you can get involved in if you want to spread out your risk. A quick search for “AFL Tipping” will allow you to find dozens of these tipping competitions and get involved straight away. You can also find out what everyday people are saying about upcoming matches just by searching your favourite team on Twitter. Sometimes fans have the best insight into how their team is likely to perform, and they can set you in the right direction. All in all, Twitter is worth a look if you’re trying to get some quick tipping advice from well established experts.

Check Out Betting Websites for Tips and Analysis of Upcoming Matches

If you’re really trying to win your tipping competition this week, you’ll want more than Twitter can offer in terms of analysis and insight into matches. The best tippers combine statistical reasoning with the team narrative – they pay attention to what the statistics say about how good teams are, but also account for other intangibles that can affect game outcomes. With many people claiming to be experts, the best course of action is to read a number of different sources and see which ones are most consistently correct in both their predictions and analyses. Some websites will post a team-by-team betting guide that provide great comprehensive analysis of each team’s chances for this year. Other websites use computer algorithms to make match predictions, which is excellent because they are essentially doing the statistics work for you and returning the results. You should also pay attention for sites that offer previews for upcoming matches that outline key statistical facts and performance indicators for both teams.

Use the 891 ABC Adelaide Website to see Which Team Pundits are Tipping to Win

Most sport programs in the news have pundits make regular predictions on the outcome of games, and these can be very useful and informative when coming up with your own predictions. Not only do these experts watch games regularly, they also talk about the AFL and other sports with an expert panel that does the same. The end result is some of the most informed opinion on tipping that’s available anywhere. Accessing these expert opinions is as simple as typing a few words into your web browser. Even though it is a public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation still offers some great AFL tips on its sports programs. You can also have a look at 891 ABC online at their website www.abc.net.au. Here, experts like Peter Walsh and Matt Clinch stake their reputations on their tips, giving early predictions on everywhere that will get you thinking about your own predictions. This year, of the five panellists whose tips are listed, three are backing Hawthorn to win the 2014 AFL Grand Final with Rod Jameson tipping Sydney and Stephen Williams predicting that West Coast can take it. Even experts can disagree on whose chances are better, so you’ll have to look at where the most agreement is happening if you want an idea of how things will play out.

Read Blogs Where Experts Offer Tipping Advice

Private blogs can be a great place to drum up some expert tipping advice. You may not find any news anchors or celebrities offering great tips, but casual fans definitely know a thing or two about punting. Although blogs will vary in quality, they are in such great abundance that it shouldn’t be hard to sort out which tipping advice is legitimate. If several different bloggers agree that you should expect a certain team to win, their prediction is probably accurate. Websites that have a collection of writers who cover AFL tipping are excellent, but you’ll have to do your own due diligence to see which ones really have their finger on the pulse of the AFL this season.

With the season already kicked off, there’s plenty of excitement about the 2014 AFL season, and anticipation over who will make the Grand Final is already beginning to well up. A quick glance at Twitter shows that Australians are already tweeting about office comp supremacy in AFL tipping, so now is the time to start making your AFL tips work for you. Even if you have strong intuitive powers, sometimes intuition isn’t enough. An experienced tipping site or blog can help you find the quality AFL tips you need to win your comp. Consult any of the great AFL expert tipping resources outlined above and you’re sure to start seeing some better results.