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Three Key Footy Tipping Principles You Need to Include in Your Team Assessment

When it comes to footy tipping AFL, being able to accurately assess each team that’s playing is extremely important. In fact, you chances of winning or losing rely pretty much entirely on this specific ability. This means that there’s a lot of pressure on you to be able to identify each team’s strength accurately. Here are just a few footy tipping principles to consider when doing team assessments in your footy tipping competitions.

Are First Choice Playmakers on the Field?

Each team is extremely aware of the strength of every one of its players. In order to increase their chances of winning, it only makes sense for teams to use their strongest players as their first choices. Those players the best the team has to offer, and you can count on the fact that on a good day they are going to be on the field. However, as we all know, not every day is a good day. Sometimes it just so happens that the first choice players cannot play. It could be because they got injured, while playing, and are not apt for it anymore. Alternatively, it could be because they got sick, or are too tired to perform in the desired manner. Regardless of the specific reason, if a team is playing without its first choices, that’s a big red flag for you. Though this isn’t always the case, teams that are in this situation are at a disadvantage, and they are more likely to lose.

Keep Your Eyes on Off-Field Distractions

It’s important to keep in mind that players are people, too, and they have emotions and struggles like everyone else. During games, various things happening in their everyday lives can distract them. Things that are happening to players off the field might give you valuable information about how they will perform on the field. This is true especially when it comes to negative events, as they have the potential of influencing the entire team. For example, if one player is having personal problems or is embroiled in a legal scandal, this might drag the team’s performance down. The more serious the issue, the greater the impact you can expect it to have on the team. In some situations, even if the issue at hand is not very serious, there might still be consequences. If the player going through a hard time has a very important role in the team, be careful. These types of events might cause the team to underperform. Sometimes, if only one player performs more poorly than expected, it is enough to drag the whole team down. As a rule of thumb, try to stay away from teams that are experiencing major off field distractions.

Look at Key Players

In each sport, there are some players that are more important than others. When trying to assess a team, you have to pay close attention to these players. How well have they performed in the past? If they have a tendency to offer a solid performance, then the team has better chances. Also, remember that it is worse when key first-choice players are not on the field than when other players are replaced.  Key positions that are crucial are the centre half-back and the centre half-forward. Lastly, the full forward and midfield are all key. If second-string players are in these positions, you should proceed with caution.

Knowing what principles to guide yourself by when assessing a team is very important if you want results. Since your likelihood of winning at footy tipping heavily relies on the ability to accurately assess each team’s strengths, you have to arm yourself with solid information about each team. Keep these strategies and principles in mind each time you’re trying to decide how strong a team is, and you’re bound to be successful.