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Betting Education

Bet Like a Pro: The Novice’s Guide to Sounding Like You Know What You’re Talking About

As a novice gambler, it can sometimes be embarrassing to walk into a betting establishment for the first time and be unsure of what to do. The worst scenario happens when you’re there with a new boss who seems like a seasoned punter and you’re not even sure how to place a bet! Everyone remembers […]


3 Tricks to Establishing Good Staking Plans

The punter has long encountered many “sure fire” staking plans systems. The problem is determining which to trust. Beware of outrageous claims and free racing tips made by websites that are really only encouraging you to buy a book. Suddenly, free horse racing tips cost you money. A reliable staking plan is meant to capitalise […]


How to Know When You’re on a Winning Sequence and What You Should Do to Take Advantage of It

Horse racing is one of the most exciting ways to wager when you’re not losing your shirt. When you’ve found yourself on a winning sequence, things can really start to get thrilling. Winning sequences usually happen at random. Sometimes you’ve read the Saturday racing tips and you win a couple of dollars on your first […]


How To Turn A $180 Quadrella bet Into $25,000 In One Weekend

In this article, Pete Brinky, itipsports’ man in Melbourne racing gives some insight into how he brought the promise of a big win to the itips crew at Caulfield two weeks ago.  He talks about what he looks at in the form to decide his field selections, the pitfalls some punters make, and what you […]


Punters can improve their winning chance

Most punters do their own form, change their stake regularly and can easily sway when they hear tips from others.  This is not a disciplined, winning system and tends to highlight why many people continue to lose week after week. To be a winning punter, you don’t need to be an expert, you don’t require […]


Sports tips for the new punter

Here are a few areas to focus on to help make your sports tips work for you: Build some basic knowledge Learn everything you can about sports betting and how the right sports tips can help your strategy. One of the keys in making profit in gambling is to be well equipped with the right […]

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