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Punters can improve their winning chance

Most punters do their own form, change their stake regularly and can easily sway when they hear tips from others.  This is not a disciplined, winning system and tends to highlight why many people continue to lose week after week. To be a winning punter, you don’t need to be an expert, you don’t require large amounts of cash and you don’t need to know jockeys and trainers.  All you need is a focused, disciplined plan that you execute consistently every week.  A good punter will not deviate from their plan even if they stumble, keep true and the winners will come.  All you need is:

1) A consistent staking plan

Determine exactly how much you are prepared to lose each week and that becomes your stake.  Don’t start increasing it after one or two wins.  Greed will only put you back in your place.  Regularly review your staking plan but only against the criteria of how much you are willing to risk.  Do not bet more than you can afford.

2) Understand the form 

Sports betting is not random like casino gambling.  But really understanding the form of teams, individuals or horses is time consuming and requires a level of expertise within the specific sport.  Good punters will have a source of reliable information to ensure a strong system is in place.

3) Be rational not emotional

Punting can be a very emotional past time and can lead many punters to make mistakes.  Set your stake, lay it appropriately against your tips, and build your bank through consistent, incremental wins.