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How to Know When You’re on a Winning Sequence and What You Should Do to Take Advantage of It

Horse racing is one of the most exciting ways to wager when you’re not losing your shirt. When you’ve found yourself on a winning sequence, things can really start to get thrilling. Winning sequences usually happen at random. Sometimes you’ve read the Saturday racing tips and you win a couple of dollars on your first stake just by following one. You may decide to bet a little more next time. Before you know it, you’re clearly on a winning streak! How you play when you’re on a hot streak can strongly influence your long-term results. Here’s how to identify when you’ve got a winning sequence going – and what to do about it.


Determining If You’re On a Winning Sequence

A winning sequence isn’t just defined by winning several bets in a row. A winning sequence, just as in horse racing as in poker, is called a “rush” because of the adrenaline rush that players get when they feel they’re making great bets. Those on a true winning sequence feel invincible, as if they aren’t capable of making a losing wager. They may also feel intensely happy or calm, as if they know which horse is going to win before the race starts. These feelings may seem a little mystical, but they are all commonly reported among many gamblers who have had big winning sequences. If you win several bets in a row, you are probably having a genuine winning sequence. Luck is on your side and you should exploit your clear thinking to try and keep the streak going!

Getting the Most out of your Winning Sequence

Winning sequences mean that you’re doing something right, and although you may not know what it is, you should keep doing what you’re doing until it stops working. Continuing to bet judiciously and following your instincts during a winning sequence can lead to some big wins. Consider making slightly larger bets than usual, since you’re on a hot streak. You will also want to bury some of your winnings deep in your pocket, so you know that no matter what happens you’ll have more money walking out than you did walking in.

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Winning Sequence

Most bettors tend to quit when they’re in the middle of a winning sequence. This is because they want to leave with the good feeling of winning before their fortune reverses and they find themselves losing again. This is a normal reaction to have. It’s completely reasonable to give up for the day if you’ve won some money and you’re happy with how things have gone, but it may not be the best decision. Leaving during a winning sequence means you haven’t followed the sequence to its end – it means you’re leaving money on the table that you could have won simply by staying with your betting pattern. In order to take full advantage of a winning sequence, you should continue betting as long as your luck holds out. As long as you keep winning, continue placing bets. If you lose a bet, it means your winning sequence is over and it’s time to walk away.

Winning sequences are always a fun and exciting part of the variance that comes with betting. The feeling that you can’t lose allows you to bet without fear and incredible wins are possible under these conditions. Try to continue your winning sequence for as long as you can, making bigger bets to maximize the payoff. When you start losing again, it’s time to quit and try again next week.