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How To Turn A $180 Quadrella bet Into $25,000 In One Weekend

In this article, Pete Brinky, itipsports’ man in Melbourne racing gives some insight into how he brought the promise of a big win to the itips crew at Caulfield two weeks ago.  He talks about what he looks at in the form to decide his field selections, the pitfalls some punters make, and what you need to know if you want to win the quaddies that really count. He exposes the one secret he applied last Saturday that turned $180 into $25,000.

First of all, congratulations to those that took my advice two weeks ago and are now $25,000 richer! Everyone wants to win the quadrella.  Taking out the quaddie each Saturday is a great way to get value from your betting stake and enjoy the day with your mates.  But it’s not as easy as you think.  In this article, I’ll give you some of the key things I look for when preparing my form and selections for the quaddie.  I’m looking to keep the outlay down but the possible reward high.  The secret is in understanding the form of the horses that provide value, not the certainties.  We all win quaddies from time to time, but its in understanding when there is potential money and how to manage for it.

Selecting fields for quaddies

I’ll be honest, I spend a lot of time working through my fields for the quaddie each week.  That’s because this is where the easy money is if you can get it right.  And you don’t have to get it right every week.  But it’s important to stick to some basic principles each and every week to increase your likelihood of success. And that’s what I do for the itips crew. There are a few key decisions you have to make during this process:

  •  How many horses to include in each leg
  • The individual form of each horse and its potential to win
  • What are the key anchor horses
  • The outlay and potential value

The pitfalls you need to avoid

  •  Not identifying the anchor horses
  • Dismissing emergencies too early

The one secret I used last Saturday to increase the value for the itips crew

 Last Saturday, two elements made the difference to the value of the outcome:

1)   Solsay in the third leg was heavily backed in from $15 to $7.50

2)   Coronation Shallan was 4th emergency in the last leg and was overlooked by many



I always give a lot of thought to the form of emergencies, as they have the potential of creating a multiple if they win.  Most punters doing their quaddie form and selections on the night before, tend to overlook emergencies, particularly 3rd and 4th down as they don’t see them getting a run.  I really liked the form of Coronation Shallan and it proved to be the real value driver in the Quaddie result (see diagram below).


Over the lineQuaddie Multiple
1st Leg$10$10
2nd Leg$10$15
3rd Leg$5$5
4th leg$10$30


The inclusion of Coronathion Shallan created a 3 X multiple on “the over the line” price and was the real enabler of value in last weekend’s success.  If you think this is just luck, think again.  This is something that happens regularly but you must seriously review the form of all horses to identify the potential.  Don’t leave a form horse out just because it’s an emergency. It’s easy to tip favorites, I can do that in my sleep.  But to truly tip horses that when they win they make a real difference to your winnings, that’s tougher.  And that’s what I do.

My last tip for you today is to stay the journey.  While I know I will be around the money most weeks, we won’t win the big money often on quaddies.  But we will win a big one again.  Stay tuned!


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