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AFLX…the world game?


AFLX – the world football game?


The AFLX trial of taking the game to the world has come and gone with the tri state series in Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney over the weekend 16-18 February.

The jury is out but all in all we found AFLX disappointing in that apart from long kicking it reflects very little in what we consider the main attributes of AFL.

The AFL will talk up crowds (average 14,000 per state), TV ratings and general media interest but there is nothing to benchmark AFLX against in our view. The AFL has always punched well above its playing weight in commanding media space so there claim here in relation to AFLX is hardly surprising.

There was a lack of contested ball, tackling, high marking and generally there was no pressure which really diluted crowd participation.

The ball coming straight in from kick outs meant crowd celebration was minimised as the ball was straight back in play.

Some fans may like this but we did not like the minimal amount of stoppages in AFLX. Apart from being the second largest goal source for AFL teams, stoppages give the game a pause and allow teams to set up structures both around and off the ball in a game that has very little pause in it

The players make like it because the non contact element of it minimises injury but we doubt the Coaches would as really there is little opportunity to test and trial players under real pressure. is the game the AFL want to take to the world, we would just rather keep the game at home.

AFLX – The Pluses

The upside may be…
There may be some upside for AFL in the broader game especially at junior level and the women’s game. The reconfigured smaller rectangular ground for AFLX does make it easier to score and any progress there for juniors and women’s football does help. After all, kicking goals and scoring is the name of the game. The AFL sides grounds can be difficult to find given the growth of the game in the northern states and certainly overseas finding AFL size grounds would be difficult. But, notwithstanding this, we still see the fundamentals of the game being compromised in a game where the governing body are all too quick to change and tinker.

AFLX – taking the game to the world

The AFL has a General Manager AFLX China and India. Now we are no crystal ball gurus but an appointment like this would mean they are deadly serious about taking the game to other parts of the world. You don’t appoint someone to a role like this without a serious strategic plan. Whilst we applaud the AFL for trying something different, it was in many ways like watching a training run and if AFLX is the game the AFL want to take to the world, we would just rather keep the game at home.

JLT Series starts this weekend

Now we head to the JLT series for the real pre season as teams prepare for the start of the AFL season 2018.

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