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AFL Round 19 Tips – The Best Australian Sports Betting Tips

AFL Round 19 Tips - The Best Australian Sports Betting Tips

AFL Round 19 Tips – The Best Australian Sports Betting Tips

4-1 line bets Round 19 at 80% win rate
1-2 win bets Rounds 19 at 33% strike rate and $3.10 win

55-33 line bets season to date at 62.5%
13-17 win bets season to date at 43.5% ave win $4.90

AFL Round 19 Tips

Excellent results on the weekend for AFL tips and betting and good to bounce straight back with a 4-1 weekend on the line bets and 2 win bets at average win $3.10 and really should have been three win bets with the Collingwood draw. Wins in AFL tips and betting were North +16.5 and $2.90, Bulldogs +1.5, Collingwood +19.5 and West Coast -45.5.

So who will be in the AFL finals?

As we speak, we are of the view that three AFL finals spots are still up for grabs. The race for the AFL Grand Final. We have Adelaide, Geelong, GWS, Richmond and Port secure, although GWS, Port and Richmond are in a battle for third and fourth. It is very tight for the other three spots. 6 to 9 on 40 points is where the real battle is between Sydney, Melbourne, West Coast and Essendon.

The below numbers demonstrate how close and places on ladder separated by a minimum of games:
1.5 games between 2 and 5
2 games between 3 and 9
1 game between 5 and 9
1 game between 6 and 11

The winners in AFL Round 19 tips and betting –
Port, Adelaide, Bulldogs, Hawthorn, GWS, West Coast, Richmond, Geelong, North

Port and Adelaide Crows were arguably the biggest winners of Round 19. Both got off the hook in games that were lost in circumstances that we haven not seen for a very long time. It was close on the worst defensive efforts we have seen to allow these teams to win. The draw does not especially hurt Adelaide and unless they lose this week to Port and the Sydney game in a couple of weeks, they should finish top. Port remains in the fight for a top four side, despite in our view they are nothing like a top four side. But Ryder and Gray do give you a distinct advantage.

Hawthorn are now 4-1-1 since the bye and continue to impress, this time over Sydney. They play Richmond this week. The Hawks probably cannot make the eight which is a shame as in this form they would be hard to beat.

The Bulldogs made in three in a row in what was a quality attacking shootout with Essendon. Essendon does have a knack of bringing shoot-out football from its opponents which looks flashy but is not finals football. Jury still out on the Dogs but they appear on the up.

Geelong, West Coast, Richmond and GWS all won games that they should have won to keep respective seasons and ambitions alive.

AFL Tanking: North beat Melbourne in a gusty win to throw the “tanking” theory out of the door. Really what a joke tanking is. Sides have been experimenting and looking at players late in season when they can’t make the finals since Adam was a boy. So North rests its Captain last week, withdraws a senior player late pre game and gets accused of tanking. So did Gold Coast tank by withdrawing Ablett and May late in its game v Richmond? No, is the answer! Tanking is just complete tripe. Players are always competitive and want to win. Coaches will make adjustments as they see fit but it is not tanking and it’s just a stupid beat up!

The “Real” Losers – AFL Round 19 : St Kilda, Collingwood, Essendon, Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle

Close to worst defensive single plays we have seen…Collingwood and St Kilda
In losing on the weekend, all of these teams may have kissed 2017 ambitions down the toilet. St Kilda and Collingwood lost the unlosable. It was two of the worst defensive single pieces of play that we have seen for sometime. Ryder was only ever going to hit it to one spot and Gray was only ever running to that spot. How St Kilda could not have it covered is bizarre. They deserve not to make the eight on this alone.

Collingwood’s was just as bizarre. 50 points up and they nearly lose the lead. Then they go 20 points up then 6 points up. Their kick out with 20 seconds on the clock went to a pack contest that no Collingwood player competed in. Then the kick to a pack contest back inside the Crows 50m is contested by 8 players with McGovern from the Crows who marks it, his direct opponent Howe attempts to mark and not spoil and of the other players in this contest from Collingwood, only one attempts to spoil and not try to mark. And this guy was no where near close to able to spoil. It really was quite pathetic.

Who would be an AFL Coach!

Essendon’s rock ‘n roll shootout came unstuck against the Bulldogs. The Bombers game style just does not stack up. Melbourne had a poor loss to North and it could cost them, although talent should get them over the line. Sydney were due to lose at some point and there is some argument better now than in a few weeks time. A top four spot now looks tough but they have talent and experience. Fremantle were in a winning position but got rolled in the end to finish their 2017. Other losers were Gold Coast, Carlton and Brisbane.

Hurry on Round 20!