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AFL tips and betting round 3 review

AFL tips and betting

AFL tips and betting Week 3

Small Profit weekend AFL tips and betting Round 3

We had a small 1 unit win for Round 3 AFL tips and betting in what was a fascinating AFL tips and betting weekend. We had 12 bets for the weekend and came home with 3 line handicap wins and 2 win bets. It was a bizarre weekend of AFL tips and betting and the most bizarre game was the last game of West Coast and Geelong where at the 19 minute mark we looked safe on a -2.5 line Geelong only to watch the Eagles score 6 goals in 10 minutes to turn a 15 point deficit into a 15 point win and we now move on to AFL tips and betting round 4.

Winning bets AFL tips and betting round 4

Richmond 2 unit strong bet -6.5
Richmond .5 unit strong bet 1.60 win
Fremantle 1 unit -15.5
Fremantle .5 unit $1.46 win
Brisbane 1 unit +46.5

Bets we missed out on were Carlton, Geelong, St Kilda and Brisbane win. We had a 9 unit outlay over 12 bets for a 10 unit win so a small profit for the weekend.

1 goal off an $8 AFL tips and betting round 4 winner

The Port Adelaide v Brisbane game was a classic Human Behaviour Model game with Port coming off a double peak performance with away over Sydney and just not being switched on this game. Interesting AFL 2017 Port won all these “soft games” by large margins so we will watch with interest as to how they respond in AFL tips round 4. One thing we do know is they will miss No 1 Ruckman Pat Ryder badly given the dominance of Brisbane ruck and stoppage work.

Carlton look horrible

Carlton looked woeful in the AFL Friday night game. They got off to a promising start being 18-0 early in the game but apart from some junk time goals, they looked horrible and Collingwood came away with their first win. You wouldn’t have thought so in Nathan Buckley’s post game Presser, you would think he had lost. We are looking for better body language from Bucks in AFL tips and betting round 4 and less “tripe” talk from Carlton Coach Bolton. Describing your club as “green shoots” ie you tree shoots is not what your members want to hear Bolts. Plain language, Jack Elliot is the Carlton way.

St Kilda just as bad

St Kilda and Carlton now tie for the bottom ranked teams in the AFL. 49 points ave points for the last 2 weeks for the Saints and their path to goal is terrible. Wide and too often missing the mark, it smells of missing retired champ Saint Nick Riewoldt. They need help and quickly for AFL tips and betting round 4 or the season is shot. Easy win to the Crows and hats off to Eddie…first player in AFL history to see his children born on Facetime!

Sydney and Buddy

We were impressed with Sydney in the Battle of Sydney clash v GWS. In particular we liked Buddy playing higher up the ground and the result to that was less Buddy goal focus and 9 goalscorers. We will be watching AFL tips and betting round 4 to see this structure. As for GWS well they were solid enough but some alarm bells are retained over their growth. Talent can win they day most days but not ultimately.

Richmond a nice 2 unit strong bet win

We were keen on the Tigers as a 2 unit strong bet play and we got the result in a -6.5 high scoring 102-89 game. The Hawks came off a double peak performance and this was still a solid effort by them and both teams can look favourably to AFL tips and betting Round 4.

Bulldogs back in the game and big ? mark Bombers

The Bulldogs desperately needed a win and got it with a 104-83 shoot out v the Bombers with The Bont on fire kicking 3.3. This will keep the wolves way from the Dogs for a week but for the Bombers big question marks as we have had prior season commencement. The Bombers now come up against a 3-0 top of the table Power in AFL tips and betting Round 4.

Fremantle a home win for an way game

Fremantle had the luxury of an away game at home given the Gold Coast had to “sell” the game given the Comm Games. They kicked 96 points total game score to go with last weeks 100+ and we will see whether this new forward works in AFL tips and betting Round 4 v GWS. Gold Coast is in the bizarre position of having to play in Perth again this week so instead of flying Gold Coast-Perth-Gold Coast-Perth they are staying in Perth for the week.

And the most bizarre game was the last for the Round…

So here is how the West Coast v Geelong game went. West Coast led by 30 points at half time. Geelong led by 15 points at the 19 min mark of Q4 but were 3 players down including Gazz who had done a hammy. Then the floodgates opened and West Coast kicked 6 in 10 minutes to win by 15 points. All quite bizarre although maybe not so much given the importance of run and interchange freedom late in games and the Cats had none and this will physically test them for the home game in AFL tips and betting round 4. Lucky for the Cats without Gazza it’s the Saints!

So that’s the wrap for AFL week 3 and looking forward to a big AFL tips and betting round 4. Back Wednesday with a weekly update.

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