AFL Grand Final 2018 tips and betting wrap

Now that was some AFL Grand Final 2018! This game will go down as one of the classics in a dour, tough hard fought contest played in the right spirit and devoid of spite from players and coaches alike. In what has been a brilliant (and winning) AFL tips and betting season the AFL Finals and in particular the AFL Grand Final demonstrates to us the game is in great shape and heed our (and many others) advise AFL…leave the game alone.

But back to the AFL Grand Final and the result. At 30-0 late in Q1 it looked game over for West Coast and in what looked a high pressure contests it seemed near on impossible for West Coast to kick a winning score. But the late two goals were crucial and really in the total context, one them the game. 31-14 is a whole lot different than 31-0 at Q1 time.

Q2 and Q3 see-sawed back and forth with West Coast threatening but Collingwood appearing to have control of the game.

Collingwood then had the last shot on goal of Q3 that fell short and kicked the first two of Q4 and it appeared game over. However the courageous Eagles just kept hanging in and as the last quarter unfolded it appeared West Coast were the stronger running side but just kept kicking points. One Collingwood counter attack may have done it for the Pies but as they did in late Q4, McGovern was there to brilliantly not only thwart that attack but set up the Dom Sheed winning goal.

And what a kick the Sheed match winner was, a traditional drop punt rather than an around the shoulder snap. Good to see!! For those that have played the game would understand just how difficult a kick Was it a shepherd on Maynard…yes! But a brave of brave umpire you would want to be to call that and having put the whistle away for most of the game, certainly Q4 they had to stay with that method.

So it was…a West Coast premiership, their fourth in the AFL and it continues and long and sad tale for the Collingwood FC with Grand Finals losses. West Coast led for only six minutes of the game but importantly it was the last two minutes and that is when you have to be in front.

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