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AFL 2017 tipping and betting – Round 4 The Wash Up

AFL 2017 Tipping & Betting - Round 4

AFL 2017 tipping and betting – Round 4 “The Wash Up”

Round 4 results –

Line Bets – 5
Winning Line Bets – 2
Win Bets – 3
Winning Win Bets – 0
Ave win bet odds –

Season to date results –
Line Bets – 14
Winning Line Bets – 8
Win Bets – 7
Winning Win Bets – 2
Ave win bet odds – $4.75

Now Swans and Hawks really in trouble – AFL 2017 Tipping & Betting

Hawthorn and Sydney, along with Geelong, has dominated the AFL landscape for the best part of a decade. Those days are over the Swans and Hawks in 2017. At 0-4, you cannot win the flag and are lucky to make the 8. Generational change and injuries to senior players has killed both sides. They are respectively $21 and $34 to win the GF and $3 and $6 to make the top 8 in AFL 2017 tipping and betting. This season is done. Hawthorn is yet to cover a line this season. It may be as AFL tipping and betting propositions, opportunities open up as the season unfolds but as for winning or making the GF or top 4, forget it.

Crows and Giants topped ranked teams – AFL 2017 Tipping & Betting

From what we are seeing, Adelaide and GWS are clearly the topped ranked teams. Both are $2.30 in AFL 2017 tipping and betting to make the GF, this looks like daylight robbery to us at the moment, so much better are they both. There will be lapses in form at some point and that will be the time to lay into the Futures market for both of them. They both have very good tall forwards, gun midfielders that win contested ball and solid defences.

Richmond is the bolter in AFL 2017 tipping and betting in covering the line each game this year and good luck to them. They may make the 8 but we see them set up for a fall, other then each year there are two bolters and the Tigers may be one but current form is hard to see sustained.

The Disappointments…and plenty of them – in AFL 2017!

Melbourne has hit a brick wall and two losses in a row thanks to those boneheads Jordan Lewis and Jesse Hogan getting suspended and losing No 1 ruckman Gawn. We think they will be ok and make the 8.

The Bulldogs are interesting and have been far from resounding and all games have been relatively close, two by under a goal. We smell AFL premiership hangover but it is early days and maybe some cobwebs to work through.

Geelong are 4-0, not overly convincing but there is an argument to keep them in your sights when you have Dangerfield and Selwood in your side.

We didn’t mind Essendon’s uptempo style against the Crows last Saturday night and that slingshot, handball, corridor game probably wins them more than they lose against some very average sides.

Port are probably ok as are West Coast and Gold Coast has talent and pace. Toss a blanket over most of the rest. St Kilda were talked up over summer but not based on the game against Collingwood last Sunday it was a shocker. Next week we will have a look at the AFL tipping and betting Futures markets on the AFL Grand Final, Top 4, Top 8 and bottom ranked teams.

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