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AFL Round 21 tips and betting The Wash Up

AFL Round 21 tips - Best sports betting tips by itipsports

AFL Round 21 tips – Best sports betting tips by Itipsports

3-4 line bets Round 21
1-0- win bets Rounds 21
2-0 three unit BEST BETS
1-0 two unit STRONG BET

61-39 line bets season to date at 61%
13-20 win bets season to date at 39% ave win $3.40

 2 AFL Best Tips & Bets – 1 Strong Bet winners

Round 21 once again proved our staking plan is paramount to winning in AFL betting and tipping as we came home with the following results:
3 unit BEST BET Geelong +7.5
3 unit BEST BET Port Adelaide -20.5
2 unit STRONG BET Melbourne -7.5

So that’s 8 units AFL bets profit in total that we collect and despite having four losing 1 unit bets we have profitable day by virtue of our staking plan. 3 unit BEST BETS are 7-2 the last five weeks

Finals are just around the corner!
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Looks like one spot in 8 left open
The race to the AFL finals and AFL Grand Final 2017 has two weeks to run and it looks on face value all bar one spot is left open.

AFL Round 21 Tips – Best sports betting tips by itipsports

Adelaide, GWS, Geelong and Richmond round out the top 4.
Sydney, Port and Melbourne finish 5-7.

That’s eight spot open between Bulldogs, Essendon, St Kilda and West Coast.
Bulldogs play Port (win) and Hawthorn (lose)
Essendon play Gold Coast (win) and Freo (win)
St Kilda play North (win) and Richmond (lose)
West Coast GWS (lose) and Adelaide (lose)

So on our reckoning Essendon will finish eight. Whilst the Bulldogs can win both games, we have their games both 50/50 whilst Essendon’s are more likely 80/20. St Kilda play Richmond in the last round and West Coast plays the first and second ranked teams in a nightmare finish to the year.

The winners AFL betting Round 21…GWS, Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne, Port, Brisbane
were big winners for the second week in a row. In the second half they made the Bulldogs look second rate and if they get their best team on the park, watch out! Adelaide rolled off their big Showdown win and did not miss a beat in smashing Essendon. Geelong bounced back with a big win over Richmond at home. It was a solid, if not spectacular win and secures their top four spot.

Melbourne had an important win over St Kilda and with two relatively soft games look safe in the eight. Port bounced off the Showdown loss with a 27 pt win over Collingwood and like Melbourne look safe in the eight but doubt will be top four. As much as Port might like a double chance, they are better off finishing sixth and they still get a home final. Port were a (-20.5 Best Bet) as Collingwood had come off a massive peak performance.

Brisbane beat the battle of the Queenslanders to retain bragging rights up North. Gold Coast look a sorry lot and it’s a massive job to turn them around. Other winners were Hawthorn, Sydney and West Coast. 

The losers AFL betting Round 21…Bulldogs, Richmond, St Kilda, Gold Coast, Collingwood
The Bulldogs looked nothing like a premiership side in its loss to GWS. The Dogs had won its last four and they just simply did not have the talent and fight of GWS. Richmond lost to Geelong (Best Bet +7.5) and we expected the Geelong bounce and got it as Richmond came off a massive peak performance. The Richmond loss is not significant in our eyes and gives them the chance to bounce off the loss and move into the top four with a tilt at the AFL Grand Final.

St Kilda lost a game they just had to win and now look likely to miss the finals. That last 50 seconds from the Port game two weeks ago is going to bite them on the bum. Collingwood was rolled by Port and that’s it for 2017 and you would think likely all over for Buckley. Gold Coast look a sorry state of affairs and Carltons John Barker is likely to get the job. Barker is well credentialed and a good guy but gee, good luck up their. Other losers were Fremantle, Carlton and North and for these three but Gold Coast the season cannot finish soon enough.

Hurry of Round 22!
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