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AFL Round 15 tips and betting The Wash Up

AFL Round 15 Tips

AFL Round 15 – The winning continues… 

10 consecutive winning weeks AFL tips and betting…inc. Brisbane win at $7.50

4-2 win line bets Round 15 at 66%
1-2 win bets Round 15 win bet $7.50

36-11 line bets last 10 weeks at 77%
10-11 win bets last 10 weeks at 48% and ave win price $6.73

46-22 line bets season to date at 68%
12-16 win bets season to date at 43% and ave win $6.71

Our winning season continues AFL tips and betting…

Another fantastic result for subscribers on the weekend with a massive results:

Brisbane Best Bet win at $7.50 and covering the +44.5 line
Sydney -1.5
Gold Coast -1.5
Geelong +19.5 (we miss the win bet in a draw)

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3 star Best Bet line bet win and win $7.50 Brisbane

Last week it was the Hawks at $8.50 and this week Brisbane in a 3 unit Best Bet line win and a 1 unit win bet at $7.50.

We are thrilled with our AFL tips and betting results for the AFL 2017 season as we go 10 winning weeks in a row. As was last week with the Hawthorn win, the real key is following our betting staking plan and bet to your bank.

That is 3 unit is a triple stake bet Brisbane the line and a 1 unit stake win bet is following the plan to reflect real value bring great reward. If you had followed this plan, you triple your result for Brisbane in the win and line bets.

Now this season is one out the box!

The topsy turvy season continues with bizarre results and suits our Human Behaviour Model so well.

Teams just cannot get consistency in performance and this places them under pressure on a week to week basis.

Lines are favourable for us under our model as bookies cannot get a real grasp on this rationale. Our results are testimony to this.

This is the position at the end of Round 15:
2 games between 2nd and 8th
2 games between 5th and 14th
2 games difference between 5th and 10th

It now would appear very difficult for Collingwood and Carlton at 5-9 to make the eight. So that leaves down to teams 11-14 on the table at 6-8 who can make the finals, so 14 teams still in the race.

The winners for AFL Round 15

Geelong, Sydney, Richmond, West Coast, Hawthorn and St Kilda were the big winners for us in Round 15. Oh and how can we forget Brisbane ($7.50)

Geelong led for most of the day but ended up with a draw against GWS. It was away from home but importantly Geelong played without Joel Selwood. We have been hot for sometime now that Geelong without either Selwood or Dangerfield struggle so get a draw here (Hawkins missed a shot after the siren to win and cost us a $3.35 win) is a big result. Should finish top four.

Sydney is now 7-7 and sit just outside the eight after a 0-6 start. Friday nights win over Melbourne was solid. Their best players are playing well, Buddy is on fire and they look threatening but cannot miss a beat. Should make the 8.

Richmond was a strong winner against a very average Port Adelaide in Adelaide. Richmond is much improved and will be a strong player in threatening a top four finish. They look in good shape. West Coast beat the Western Bulldogs who look completely cooked and the season cannot finish quick enough. At 8-6 they have destiny in their own hands and should they regain there traditional home win ratio, should make the eight.

Hawthorn is an unlikely one but looked at different side the last two weeks and seem to have their mojo back. They will need everything to go right to make the eight but look improved so we will see if they sustain it. St Kilda won a game they looked like losing most of the day against Fremantle in Freo and in the contest of the Saints season it was a massive win and keeps them in the black at 8-6. Other winners for the round were an unimpressive Adelaide over Carlton, Gold Coast had a nice win at home and Brisbane, bless their hearts, a stirring win over the hapless Bombers and a Best Bet win for subscribers at $7.50 and +44.5

And the round 15 AFL losers….

Where do you start…Essendon, Port, Bulldogs, Collingwood, Fremantle were all the big losers.

Essendon were in front most of the day and lost to bottom placed Brisbane late in the game. This is the second week in a row they lost a game they just should no lose. They are frontrunners and their uptempo fast game style is not good coaching. It may be entertaining to watch but ultimately won’t win finals. Doubt they make the eight.

Port just should not be classed as a top four side and we have been banging on about this all year. They are yet to beat a side above them. They would be better off sitting 10th and trying to make the eight instead of banging on about being a top four side. Their inside 50 conversion is just woeful and Hinkley can bang on all he wants about winning contested ball etc etc but if you get it inside 50 as often as Port do you should be winning these games and they don’t. Will make the top eight but doubt they win a final.

Again all year we have been talking the Bulldogs premiership hangover and we think it can no categorically be called. The lack of effort just does not compare to last year and as a result it’s the Hangover Part 1. We just have to wait for next year to see if there is a sequel. Doubt they make the eight.

Collingwood are all but done and there will be a coaching change and Bucks will move on. When you get someone like Paul Roos publically stating their list management is a disgrace you know changes are in the wind. It has been a disastrous period for the Pies since Malthouse’s departure. Fremantle has now lost its last five and lost a game they had in their control. Lyon will get one more year to see if he can fix the Dockers up. Doubt they can make the eight. Other honourable losers for Round 15 were North, Carlton and Melbourne.

Hurry on Round 16.

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