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AFL Grand Final 2019 review


Our AFL Betting Tips season culminated in the AFL Grand Final between Richmond who had been a dominant side in the competition over a 3 year period and were going into the match on an 11 game winning streak. They were up against the franchise side in the GWS Giants entering their first AFL Grand Final on the back of 2 finals wins by less than a kick.

Richmond win and line bet gets home

We got the AFL Betting Tips win Richmond 1 unit win $1.40 and 1 unit -17.5 which finished us on a high note. As it turns out -17.5 Richmond was a gift. That is 4 winning seasons in a row in AFL Betting Tips using our Human Behaviour Model and further vindicates our betting and tipping methodology. It stack up and our subscribers get a nice run for their investment and time.

The “Claytons Grand” Final

The “Claytons Grand Final” is the Grand Final our having but you are not really having. Like drinking beer with no alcohol in it. The match itself was a fizzer and would turn out to be anything but an AFL “Grand” Final(unless you are a Tigers supporter) as the Giants went on to be smashed by the Tigers to the tune of 89 points. It is quite obvious the Giants had played their Grand Final in the two gripping finals wins the fortnight before. Intuitively we suspected this to be the case and in many respects is classic Human Behaviour.  The big staged got the young Giants and were likely cooked before they even got to the MCG.

Richmond just stunning

This has been one of the stunning Grand Final wins by Richmond, not so much the game itself but more so the obstacles overcome on the way to the ultimate glory. Its been well documented the injuries that the Tigers suffered in the opening half of the year losing All Australian defender Alex Rance in the opening round. This was quickly followed by injuries to Jack Riewoldt and Trent Cotchin along with a suspension to Dusty Martin. Yet the Tigers were still able to keep finding a way.

Tigers were in trouble mid season

However it was becoming clear by the midway point that the young stars who had come in and kept the Tigers rolling were starting to feel the pinch. They lost their last 3 games heading into the mid season by to North Melbourne, Geelong at the MCG and then Adelaide took care of them in Round 13 leaving them at 7-6 as they turned for home.

12-0 after mid season bye

Richmond would not lose another game from this point, they strung together 12 wins in a row to go on and win their 12thpremiership in the most stunning fashion. If there was ever any evidence for all listed players to win a premiership medallion this could very much be it. This truly was an “all club” premiership with EVERYONE playing their role to the ultimate prize. It is no surprise that Richmond won the VFL flag as well. Damian Hardwick has built something magical at Richmond they have true chemistry, there is true care within this group for everything and everyone. Damian Hardwick penned every player a letter letting them know his care and love for each and everyone one of them and what he most appreciated about them.

Outstanding Leadership

This has all happened under the leadership of President Peggy O’Neal and CEO former player Brendan Gale and Manager of Football Neil Balme. If not for them Hardwick may not even be at Richmond. If you ever needed an example of strong leadership then look no further than Richmond FC.

It is hard to believe that its not to long ago Richmond were the laughing stock of the competition. Their board declared in the next 5 years Richmond would win a Premiership (they hadn’t won one for over 30 years) and have 75,000 members (they hadn’t cracked 50,000). How incorrect that prediction turned out they were way off it would be 2 premierships and 100,000 members, its evidence when you stick to they can become reality.

Where to from here GWS Giants

The GWS Giants will take some time to live this performance down, if you ever can forget about a 15 goal grand final loss. Talk to the people at Port Adelaide about their 2007 AFL Grand Final loss to Geelong and it took them years to recover from the disaster. They just never lived it down. This embarrassment for GWS like Port can linger for a long time to come. How they handle this disappointment will go a long way to determining whether they will be back in the short term to contend. Or like many sides who have not turned up on the big day it becomes entrenched in the psyche and something that they are never able to fully recover from.

Captain Davis should not have played

We get why you would want to play your most inspirational player on the biggest day of the year. The GWS erred with the Phil Davis inclusion, not that playing Phil was the difference between winning and losing (although his opponent Jack Riewoldt did kick 5goals). It is more so unsettling for a young side to be wondering to the very last minute as to whether their strong leader would be leading them on the big day. The indecision was just one example of the composure this young side lacked on the biggest of days.

The Giants had scrambled their way through to this game. In the Prelim they conceded the last 9 scoring shots and fell in and the week before they repelled inside 50 after inside 50 against Brisbane. It is just that the dam wall could no longer hold and it burst in a big way in the second term and the goals flowed for the Tigers. The Giants also couldn’t score they only became the third side in history to have 1 goal at halftime in a AFL Grand Final (St Kilda 2010 and Fremantle 2013 the other two). To fail on the big day in such a fashion will see this team under huge pressure if they don’t perform early in the 2020 year.

Marlion Pickett future star?

There were no real great stories from the GWS but it Is worth highlighting a couple from the Tigers. Marlion Pickett debuted in the biggest game of all and played with all the poise of a 200 gamer. Mind you when you win by 89 points it is a little easier. His blind turn in the 2ndterm out of a centre square stoppage had to be seen to be believed and to nail himself a goal in the 3rdterm was probably the loudest roar produced on the day. Not sure Marlion will get it all on his terms in 2020 and maybe this is the “easiest” game he will ever play in, ironically.

Dusty is the man!

Dusty was a man who only last year was suffering from performance anxiety and some mental health issues not knowing how to replicate the season of 2017 where he had done all there was to do (premiership, Norm Smith, Brownlow). he didn’t know how to deal with expectation! Well he worked through that and delivered a great game on the big stage to become the only player in history to be a 2 time Norm Smith Medallist, premiership player and Brownlow Medallist.

What a season the AFL Betting Tips turned out to be, Richmond who started the season at $6 premiership favs yet drifted to $21 when they were out of the 8 at the midway point of the year, to go on and win as $1.33 fav. There can be great investing opportunities through the season and we look forward to season 2020 it will be on us before you know it!

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