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AFL and NRL betting tips update

AFL Betting Tips 2020

The AFL Betting Tips Season 2020 round 2 kicked off last Thursday night with Richmond versus Collingwood. The two AFL heavyweights and early season favs for AFL Grand Finalists put on a shocker to get us started to the AFL Betting Tips Season 2020. After waiting months for the resumption of the AFL season a 36-36 draw is not the way we expected it to resume. Those looking forward to blockbuster got anything but when the Tigers took on Collingwood.

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AFL Betting Tips Round 3

We have 3 bets for AFL Betting Tips round 3 as we look to teams to bounce early season off poor performances. Richmond and Hawthorn go toe to toe Thursday night. You can read more about our HBM Human Behaviour Model that we apply to team sports athttps://itipsports.com.au/sports-betting-tips-human-behavior-model/

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NRL Betting Tips 2020

NRL Betting Tips – 79% win rate rounds 4 and 5

Our NRL Betting Tips 2020 has got off to a flyer with 15 winning bets from 19 bets for NRL Betting Tips rounds 4 and 5. This gives us a combined win rate of 79% to get us started and a great early season result for subscribers.

There has been a number of bounce performances for us in our NRL Betting Tips results and bounce performances are at the core of our HBM Human Behaviour Model. This is where teams underperform the week prior and are matched up against peak performing teams.

Two great examples last week were our selections Broncos +12.5 and Dragons +6.5 and $3.10. Both had come off poor losses and a media driven witch hunt around their performances. Consequently the bookies mispriced their markets in our opinion and the bounce came as we anticipated.

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NRL Betting Tips Round 6

We have 5 bets for NRL Betting Tips round 6 in this weekends games with games kicking off Thursday night.
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