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NRL round 5 review

NRL Betting Tips Round 5 review – 11 bets 9 wins at 79% win rate

Another winning weekend to get our start NRL 2020 Betting Tips season off to a great start. Round 5 NRL Betting Tips saw 9 winners from 11 bets and the only losing bet was long shot Bulldogs who were smashed in their game at +17.5 versus league leaders Roosters.

We had 11 bets covering 6 games over the NRL Betting Tips round 5 weekend with a 82% win strike rate follows:

Broncos 1.5 unit +12.5 WIN
Eels 1 unit win $1.47 WIN
Eels .5 unit -4 WIN
Storm .5 unit -4 WIN
Storm 1 unit win $1.60 WIN
Rabbitohs .5 unit -11.5 WIN
Rabbitohs 1 unit -11.5 WIN
Dragons 1 unit +6.5 WIN
Dragons .5 unit win $3.10 WIN

NRL Betting Tips – 79% win rate rounds 4 and 5

So that’s 15 winning from 19 bets for NRL Betting Tips rounds 4 and 5 combined for a win rate of 79% to get us started.

NRL Betting – bounce performances

Their were some nice bounce performances for us in our NRL Betting Tips results and bounce performances are at the core of our HBM Human Behaviour Model. This is where teams underperform the week prior and are matched up against peak performing teams.

The Broncos and Dragons were the two big bounce performances for us. Both had come off poor losses and a media driven witch hunt around their performances. Consequently the bookies mispriced their markets in our opinion and the bounce came as we anticipated.

In the case of the Broncos it was a +12.5 line win for us but nearly so much bigger as they led 18-0 in the first half. They led 18-4 at the half only to go down 18-20 and our $4.20 win bet was oh so close.

The Dragons had the big bounce performance and a 30-16 win as we had the nice $3.10 win bet collect and +6.5 was a gift in the result.

NRL Betting Tips round 6 kicks off Thursday and tips out Thursday.