AFL 2019 Tips - ‘Ol Navy Blues at Carlton FC

AFL 2019 Season Preview

It is all looking Very Blue for the good ‘Ol Navy Blues at Carlton FC

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Our second team we analyse for the AFL tips and betting in the AFL 2019 season is Carlton FC.

It Is quite an amazing fall from grace for one of the former powerhouses of the AFL. The once revered Carlton football club who had success sewn into their DNA, where  failure was not tolerated, have deteriorated over the last decade to become a mere shadow of its former self. They are an embarrassing AFL club right now that looks to be totally lacking a clear common goal, no true leadership and little idea it seems as to what steps are required to get back to being great again.

AFL list turnover and recruits not developed!

Carlton won only 2 games last year and in the off season the blues have recruited Mitch Mcgovern (Adel) Alex Fasolo (Coll) Nic Newman (Syd) and Will Setterfield (GWS) and got the number 1 draft pick taking Sam Walsh. Whilst on the surface you would think this can improve the list from a talent perspective it doesn’t address what they are missing, leadership!

We don’t know what Carlton stand for anymore, Carlton don’t know what they stand for and if they do they are not illustrating it in any sense…they have an identity crisis and are bordering basket case.

Their coach Brendan Bolton painted the picture of a Five Year Plan on the pathway to success and yes he has lived true to this turning over the list and getting talent into the side but he hasn’t overseen that talent to take the next step.

We got an insight to the progress last year after two years at the helm where Bolton had implemented a “defensive” game style to teach the values of being hard to play against. He released the reigns last year for a bit more freedom, what a disaster! After a reasonably solid opener against the Tigers the blues capitulated losing their next 6 (including 89pts Nth Melb and 55 points Crows) prompting coach Bolton to reign it back in as they “hadn’t got the balance right”.

The players were lost, they didn’t know what they should or how to do it and it was cringeworthy watching the Blues at times last year. No Marc Murphy and Sam Docherty left it all to Patrick Cripps in the leadership department and although he was very manful in carrying out his role, no one was following.

2019 isn’t looking much better for Carlton and their greatest asset is that the Gold Coast Suns have got worse!! Sam Docherty is injured again, one of their new recruits Alex Fasolo broke his arm on Australia Day whilst soaking up the festivities , Mitch McGovern has had a shortened pre season due to a small back fracture , Caleb Marchbank has had a persistent foot injury and Matthew Kruezer having knee surgery are not great recipes for a turnaround year.

Carlton need to get back to absolute basics, they need to be hard to play against again, they need to be tougher around the contest and maybe for a period of time they need to throw all the modern day coaching out the window and get back to beating an opponent 1 on 1.

There is nothing that keeps you more honest than accountability and to us there  appears little to no evidence of accountability at Carlton.

There is no real point in writing about the talent at Carlton and where they can improve because they have to figure out where they are going and how they are going to get there first. The current plan is not working and there is no buy in from the players with terrible results and lack of effort more often than not.

Carlton needs to break down exactly what it really means to be a Carlton footballer and not just say it but demonstate it on field. They need to bring the culture of winning from yesteryear with modern day values and behaviours very much like Sydney did with the “Bloods” spirit. Carlton are spiritless, unaccountable and unrecognisable, please Carlton, rediscover and implement what it means to be great.

SEASON PREDICTION – Second Bottom with 0-3 wins

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