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EPL tips first month review

EPL tips first month review

EPL tips first month review

We are back into the swing of the EPL tips season after the UEFA Nations Cup break and week 5 of English Premier League tips is in action this week. The English Premier League soccer tips season has thus far produced some interesting results as we take a look at the first month of the season.

Liverpool, Chelsea and the surprise packet, Watford are the three sides sitting on the top of the table with four straight wins to kick off the English Premier League tips season. Certainly, Liverpool and Chelsea were expected to be in the upper echelon but Watford! Is this Leicester 2015/16 all over? Manchester City are unbeaten but have the draw with Wolves and Tottenham round out the top five EPL tips sides with three wins but a surprising loss last game to Watford.

So that accounts for four of the big six sides but who is missing. The English Premier League Soccer Tips season has thrown up some surprises and namely Manchester United. Jose is at his recalcitrant best as he goes from drama to drama as only he can do. That said, he did not get his way in the off season and clearly the side is down a quality defender at least to challenge the top three sides. They now come up against unbeaten Watford in a must win game.

Arsenal had a difficult start coming up against Man City and Chelsea to kick of the first English Premier League tips season for 22 years with Manager Wenger but have steadied the ship with wins in its last two games. We think they will be placed top six this season but not top four for Champions League.

At the foot of the table we have West Ham, who sit with four losses for new Manager Pellegrini and as usual the natives are restless. West Ham always the stated challenger to become a top ranked London club but rarely get their and this year, as was last, looks challenging to stop relegation. Joining them are Burnley after an excellent 2017/18 season and now have to compete with Europa League comp as well and Newcastle join them at 0-1-3 and Rafa, like Jose, making noises about a lack of player investment by the owners.

So we head to English Premier League Soccer tips week 5 with a classic EPL tips game between Tottenham and Liverpool and of course the Man United and Watford game is of great interest.

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