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EPL and NFL Tips year to date

NFL Betting Tips week 11 results and year to date

Buccaneers and Tom Brady a 2 unit Strong win NFL Tips last weekend

NFL Week 11 was a winning weekend for NFL Betting Tips week 11 and continues a strong season for us. A 9.5 unit outlay for a 13.25 unit return and a 3.75 unit profit at 40% profit with our 2 bets of 2 units Buccs and Vikings getting home to underpin our result. A nice $3.60 and +7 bet on underdog Colts who got home was icing on the cake for a strong result. Year to date results are as follows:


Unit outlay 122.5 units
Unit return 152.55 units
Unit profit 30.05 at 24.5%

Win/Loss Total 69-48-1
Win bets 29-21
Line Bets 40-27-1

The Thursday night U.S. time game is the NFC North game between lowly ranked Bears versus Lions. It is Chicago versus Detroit in prime time NFL but a no bet game for us with both teams off double peak covers neutralize each other as bets. We will be back on Sunday with NFL Tips for week 12.

EPL Betting Tips week 12 results and year to date

EPL Week 12 we were back in winners return to EPL Betting Tips last weekend week 12 with a big 43.8% profit weekend. Best Bet Wolves home 1-0 at $3.00 and Tottenham as a strong bet home at $1.72.  The weekend saw another EPL Manager bite the dust with Manchester United getting rid of Ole Gunnar Solksjaer gone after a shock 1-4 loss to Watford. Easy wins to Chelsea and Man City whilst Liverpool but Arsenal back in their box with a 4-0 win as we head to EPL Tips for week 13. EPL week 12 results:
6 unit outlay
8.63 unit return
2.63 unit profit at 43.8% profit 


Season unit outlay 71.5 units
Season unit return 77.33 units
Season unit profit 5.83 units
Season profit return 8.15%

We return with EPL Week 13 Betting Tips Saturday afternoon and the game of the weekend top of table Chelsea versus Manchester United both of mid week Champions League wins.