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AFL Betting 2022

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iTipsports AFL tips uses its unique HBM Human Behaviour Model of team sports analysis of peak and under performance to give you the winning edge in your AFL win and line handicap bets. Before you start to bet on AFL 2022, read more of our HBM Human Behaviour Model at iTipsports.

We provide previews on each AFL Game and tips on games that fit our HBM criteria as we look to find you the winning edge. Tips are sent out each Thursday afternoon prior the weekend games and includes full game preview. Post games we provide AFL Betting summary of games. Bets are a combination of win, line handicap and total game score bets each bet type having a staking plan.
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AFL 2022 tips – looking to a winning season

AFL 2021 tips strongly recommends you use a Betting Bank and utilise a Staking Plan when you bet on AFL betting. We firmly advise you to have a Betting Bank that you are comfortable with and will not affect your every day life.

Our Staking Plan will outline an allocated bet per game as follows:
1 unit Base Bet, 2 unit Strong Bet AND 3 unit Best Bet 

AFL Tips – Modelled On Human Behaviour

Our Sports Betting Tips are selected based on our Human Behaviour Model HBM which assesses peak and under performance of teams https://itipsports.com.au/sports-betting-tips-human-behavior-model/.  Our AFL tips and the Human Behaviour Model focus on the variance in performance levels with extended peak performance and under performance in team sport. We match that with handicap line and win bet pricing to find what we believe is the edge over the bookies and establish value plays. You will see terms in our commentary such as:
* Peak Performances
* Extended Peak Run
* Performance Bounce