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Collingwood v Bulldogs



This is a big game for both of these sides particularly with the movement of Treloar from the Pies to the Dogs. Collingwood are coming off a below par season needing a bounce this year with plenty of off field destabilizing at Collingwood. Racial issues to the standing down of the Club President, poor handling of off season player movement amongst them.

The Bulldogs look as though they are on the march, making finals last 2 seasons after terrible starts to the year. They only need to get the season off to an even keel to push deeper into September.

This will be the “grudge” match for the Dogs star recruit Adam Treloar. A messy public exit saw the star Pies midfielder find his way to the Western Oval and has significantly enhanced their midfield options. The Bulldogs are coming through a strong Community serIes win over the Dees that did see some injury issues out of the game. However their scoring potency (31 shots on goal) could be a key aspect to this game as Collingwood are really struggling for powerful scoring options.

Collingwood have won the last 4 meetings against the Dogs by an average margin of 27 points including a 55 point win last year. That said take last years game out the average margin has been 16 points per game over 4 of the last 5 games. Games generally of recent times have not been overlay high scoring average 140 points per game in the last 4 games. The Bulldogs have struggled to score in most of these games and that will be the key to watch for here and can the Dogs improve scoring capacity. There last win over Collingwood they scored 100 points.

The Dogs started the week +3.5 but have swung into favs at -3.5 on the weight of money. It is a no bet game but the Dogs get their chance here.