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AFL round 5 review

AFL Betting Tips – a review of round 5

A winning weekend AFL Betting Tips round 5 with the following winning results. We got off to a good start with St Kilda over Carlton on the Thursday night. Geelong was too strong over Gold Coast. Brisbane was a nice win bet in smashing Port and Richmond back in the winning circle over Melbourne.

Especially pleasing was our AFL Betting Tips wins of St Kilda and Geelong. Both their opponents Carlton and Gold Coast had had triple peak performance runs so the HBM Human Behaviour Model played nicely in these 2 games. Port were also on a triple peak run versus Brisbane (2 game peak) and Richmond got the nice performance bounce off recent losses. Winning bets were as follows:

St Kilda 1 unit -3.5 and 1 unit win $1.55
Geelong 2 unit win $1.34 and .5 unit -17.5
Brisbane 1 unit win $1.85
Richmond 1 unit win $1.52 and .5 unit -10.5

AFL 2020 – rule changes…Clarkson or AFL running the show

We wonder who is running the AFL Rules Committee these days, Hawthorn Coach Alistair Clarkson or the AFL? This question is in related to the AFL’s kneejerk decision to follow through with a rule change on the holding the ball interpretation in light of the Hawthorns Coaches comments last week.

Our view is in this AFL Betting Tips season 2020 there has been enough chaos in the season without making mid season changes. Just leave the game alone. But to do so on the back of an AFL Coach comments just smells to us.

Clearly Clarkson has a direct line to AFL supremo Gill McLachlan and we doubt the other coaches are afforded this luxury. Whether the rule change is relevant or not is not the point. The point is it should not be changed mid season AND should certainly not be changed on the back of a whinge from an AFL Coach.

It didn’t seem to be a problem for Clarkson when he had Buddy, Mitchell, Hodge, Lewis, Roughhead and Co running around. But now all of a sudden it is a problem!!

The AFL has been trying to change the rules for 15 years and has not succeeded. It never will!! The Coaches always have been and always will find a way out and are too smart. So we say Clarkson stick to coaching your side, AFL Rules Committee do your job and AFL run the game as your meant to do. Not on the whim of one Coaches comment!

St Kilda consolidate in top 8

It seems St Kilda are on the right path. They are tough committed they have some nice top up talent and on the back of a big win against the Tigers they put on a stellar effort against the Blues. We were not sure where the Blues were at as they had their last 3 results by under a kick, however they failed in the big Thursday night stage and coach Teague has some work ahead.

Essendon bombs away over Collingwood

Collingwood tasted defeat for the second straight week as the Bombers showed some real spine for a strong win. Collingwood opened up with the first 3 goals of the game and looked to be on easy street but the switch flicked by the Bombers and from nowhere they started to scrap back into it. Their high risk quick movement of the ball was on display despite slippery conditions and they were rewarded handsomely. Collingwood struggled defensively, have off field issues with Sidebottom and De Goey and a President with too much to say.

West Coast Eagles finally

It has taken a while but long suffering Eagles fans have finally seen a flicker of life in their 2020 season. After being a basket case in the hub the Eagles can smell a return home and magically they started playing footy they are capable of. As for the Swans they still have some real developing to do.

Geelong home but Suns around the mark

It was the milestone games of the two champs in Selwood and Ablett (300 and 350 games) but no one told the Suns and they threatened to spoil the party. An injury to key midfielder Rowell for the Suns had a significant effect on the game, however the Cats really started to get the upper hand and stretched on for nice win. Nothing really lost here for the Suns, and with the way the hubs are formatting they may still get a great chance to play more games at home a big plus. Geelong will be happy to bank the points but now will spend a month on the road.

Bulldogs with bite make it 3 in a row

With their season on life support staring down 0-3 start in a shortened season the Bulldogs have really turned the corner winning 3 in a row and doing it in a physically brutal fashion. The Dogs were never in trouble by a lacklustre Kangaroos. They have now lost 3 in a row and look in real trouble. North has really struggled as many teams do at times between the balance of locking down or being attacking so some work to do here.

Port fail miserably as Brisbane Lions roar

Port Adelaide were on top of the premiership ladder but it was hard to know where they stood after wins against the poor Suns (before they were good round 1) then beating Adelaide and Dockers (both winless). They looked a little more the real deal against the Eagles, however when the heat was applied by a top 4 from last year Brisbane, Port Adelaide were exposed. It wasn’t a blowout but it proves one of the following:
1. Port is not a top 4 side
2. Brisbane is entitled to be Premiership fav
3. We are going to same old Port trip up
4. Port will be better for this experience

Brisbane on the other hand were brutal and have made it 4 wins in a row and reinforced the Gabba is a place where no opposition sides wants to tread. They are really able to move the ball at nice speed and are hard to stop. The way the hubs are formatted gives the Lions a real run at things.

Crows winless and bottom as Dockers get a win

Adelaide had every opportunity to tilt the scales in their favour in this game but opportunities in front of goal were very costly and 4-10 to 8-6 tells the story.

The Dockers were not impressive but got the job done in the match for the wooden spoon. The Dockers were cleaner and made the most of their opportunities not only in front of goal but also across the ground hitting targets.

Adelaide is in a world of pain and look like they will have their worst ever season since entering the AFL. The only good thing…they will get that much yearned for number 1 draft pick.

Richmond back in town but Melbourne in trouble

Richmond got the much needed win but with injuries to ruckman Nankervis, skipper Cotchin and looking a season ending one to on baller Prestia there could be some adjusting ahead. They also now lose Houli and Edwards who will not trouble to the hub.

As for Melbourne well they simply lack character, good coaching or both. When you watch them play there are too many players picking and choosing when to do the work. This is not acceptable at the top level and Goodwin needs to send a very strong message, which clearly he fails to convey.

Giants stand tall with two in a row

The Giants have bounced strongly after looking wobbly only a fortnight ago. They have had wins against Collingwood and the Hawks have them balanced up and ready to go. We saw a most bizarre change in game plan by the Giants as they held on to the ball, kicking backwards and sideways hanging onto the ball at every opportunity. So much so they had only 26 inside 50’s for an amazing 13-5 return and a  34 point win from 26 inside 50’s is unthinkable!!

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