AFL JLT series review

AFL JLT series review

The AFL 2019 tips and betting season is now just over two weeks away as we head to week 2 of the AFL JLT Community series and our expert AFL tips are analysis is doing the hard yards preparing for the season.

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AFL JLT Series week 2 games

Week 2 off the AFL JLT games continues this weekend as follows:
Geelong v Essendon
GWS v Adelaide
Port Adel v North Melb
Melbourne v Brisbane
Hawthorn v Richmond
Sydney v Gold Coast
Western Bulldogs v St Kilda
Fremantle v West Coast
Collingwood v Carlton

AFL JLT Series…the way pre season should be

So as we head to week 2 of AFL JLT games it seems to us after many years of trial and error the AFL may have uncovered the perfect preparation for the season proper.

Now don’t get us wrong…in the good old days watching the old night competition on Channel 7 had appeal and for those long suffering supporters who just knew deep down their team would not win the AFL Grand Final, well this was their get out of jail.

But the AFL game has moved and with the implementation of the AFLW in recent years the AFL has had to force its hand with the way the men’s teams prepare for the season. We think finally in 2019 the AFL has found the answer!

This year the AFL went with a one night AFLX competition, a bit of a non event but all the same something to whet the appetite seeing the big stars of the game out and running around again.

The AFL then moved into two sanctioned pre season games and this is the perfect preparation. When you speak to players most of them like two games maximum under their belt to get themselves into some sort of match condition. When you couple this with an internal trial it gives players plenty of time to be cherry ripe.

The other big plus is there is only really two games to get the sides ready and AFL teams are heavily biased with senior players and the odd sprinkling of younger colts trying to push their way up. This makes for a lot better viewing and gives fans an insight into how their main players are shaping up whilst also offering some future hope when some of the youngsters show some promise.

This also gives us a better picture from an AFL tips and betting perspective as four weeks of playing young players gives us next to nought idea!

Then the AFL heads into a week off before the big season gets underway. This is subjective in terms of benefit and certainly gives the NRL a heads up however it does give some time for players to go through last minute prep and for fans to begin salivating at the AFL season ahead. And with the rule changes this year, after two pre season games, Coaches can really look to drill down on game style simulation.

The days of a “pre season premiership “ are done as are the days of the younger boys being “given an opportunity” en masse in a 3 or 4 week pre season competition. Thank you AFL for understanding that less is more when it comes to the build up to the season proper! Now all you need to do is keep your hands off the rules and stop changing them en masse. Let the game evolve on its own.

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