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AFL Betting Tips post COVID part 2

AFL Betting Tips – a look at season 2020 post COVID

We take a look at the additional 9 teams in our look at AFL Betting Tips 2020 post COVID as the AFL 2020 season gets started.

AVGE AGE 24 years 195 days (ranked 6th)
AVGE GAMES 78 (ranked 2nd)

With Alistair Clarkson at the helm the Hawks can never be underestimated. They made a significant charge late to just miss the finals last year. Hawthorn has built the age/games demo of his side well ranking 2nd in games and 6th in age and all of this done in a “rebuild” phase. They get Tom Mitchell Brownlow Medallist back who will give more ball winning ability to the Hawks.
– 12 players yet to debut
– 23 to reach 50 games

AVGE AGE 24 years 0 days (ranked 11th)
AVGE GAMES 61 (ranked 10th)

Melbourne are very hard to work out as they played off in an AFL Prelim Final in 2018 and then fell off the face of the cliff in 2019. They lost their attacking power however and did nothing to try and fix it in the off season. They are mid/low in both average age and games played. Their big x factor this season with one of the best conditioners in the world Darren Burgess overseeing the program. With the adjusted and possibly stilted season he could be a big weapon in their preparation. Mental toughness is also something the Demons need to find they appeared to accept defeat too easily last year which was disappointing after the previews years form.

AVGE AGE 24 years 202 days (ranked 5th)
AVGE GAMES 67 (ranked 7th)

It’s a new era for the Roos with their first new coach in 10 years. They have their first new coach in that time and the players responded well with Rhyce Shaw when he was in the fill in role in 2019. Whether he has had the time with the players to put his spin on the game is a query. However with both age and 50+ game players ranked in the top 7 North Melbourne appear to have the experience on field to cope with any changes that arise from the new COVID format. Senior defender Scott Thompson retiring has left a hole there. Ben Brown is the key forward and as effective as he is it can also be their achilles heel. This could be a year of upside for the Kangaroos.

AVGE AGE 23 years 331 days (ranked 12th)
AVGE GAMES 69 (ranked 12th)

Port Adelaide is heading to a hub scenario. One aspect that will be interesting from a club perspective is Port historically have been terrible versus expectation. You wonder whether being out of the “fishbowl” of Adelaide will enable them to maintain a more consistent level of effort rather than the rollercoaster nature. Ranking 12thin both age and games played profile it’s actually not the youngsters where Port can gain improvement. Their young guns of Rozee, Butters and Dursma need their senior players to step up to a consistent level.

AVGE AGE 24 years 7 days (ranked 10th)
AVGE GAMES 69 (ranked equal 4th)

Looking for 3 flags in 4 years, Richmond are the measuring stick and they showed last year they can cope with injuries/suspensions to key players. Dusty Martin is a massive key for the Tigers but they won a flag with no Rance. Martin missed vital games through suspension and Rieweoldt had an arm injury. To see the two talls in action will be scary (Riewoldt and Lynch) it is hard to knock anything Richmond do and still ranked 10th in age they possibly have improving to do. When you couple this with a high average games ranking versus age profile Richmond are yet to reach their peak. A strongly led club that is hard to see a top 4 finish not looming.

AVGE AGE 24 days 112 days (ranked 7th)
AVGE GAMES 62 (ranked 9th)

The Saints are just a dissapointing club, they promise to get things done yet fail year to year. A midseason sacking of their senior coach saw Brett Ratten in the caretaker role and have enough success to secure himself the fulltime roll. It’s fair to say the Saints lost some firepower with Josh Bruce and Paddy McCartin now gone and midfielder Jack Steven moving on. Bradley Hill was a good get and will add a different dynamic with leg speed. The Saints looked ok in the pre season and they look like they have an understanding of what Ratten is after.
– 25 players under 50 games
– 8 players yet to debut.
They are well enough placed on an age and average games ranking to move up the ladder this season

AVGE AGE 23 years 184 days (ranked 16th)
AVGE GAMES 54 (ranked 15th)

This year will be an educational year for Sydney as they really had a changing of the guard last year. The Swans now rank in bottom 4 for age and games and you can expect to see some new roles for younger players.
– 26 players under 50 games
– 13 players yet to debut
Sydney had all their eggs in the Joe Daniher basket in the off season and it was unsuccessful so not a big boost to their list in the off season. They lost experienced key defenders Heath Grundy and Jarrad Mcveigh to retirement. With a young list Sydney will be vulnerable to the up and down nature of inexperience.

AVGE AGE 24 years 283 days (ranked 2nd)
AVGE GAMES 54 (ranked equal 15th)

The hub scenario is facing the Eagles will be a different look and like the Dockers the non need to travel will be interesting on how it affects the physical performance. The Eagles had a massive off season gain recruiting Tim Kelly one of the elite midfielders of the comp. More importantly it will give rise to big improvement in the area the Eagles suffered most (inside 50’s). Whilst the Eagles are well placed from an age dynamic being ranked 15th in average games played indicates there is some upside to come as well.  The premiers of 2 seasons ago are well placed to make another strong run to the Flag.
– 23 players under 50 games
– 9 players yet to debut.

AVGE AGE 24 years 39 days (ranked 8th)
AVGE GAMES 59 (ranked 12th)

A key mid season review saw the Bulldogs get on a charge to September and although bundled out in an embarrassing fashion, they showed there is some residual improvement to look forward to in 2020.
– 24 players under 50 games
– 8 players yet to debut
The addition in the off season of key forward Josh Bruce and key defender Alex Keath should be able to cover the retired Dale Morris, Tom Boyd and Liam Picken. Luke Beveridge is also a proven topline coach and he seems to have the players on side and they are poised for a top 8 finish.