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A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Maximise the Value You Get from Free Horse Racing Tips

If you are taking a stab at becoming a successful punter, you need to learn that the world of horse racing is not based on pure luck. Leave your four-leaf clover at home and forget about that shiny coin in your pocket. In order to get more bang for your buck at the track, you need to take advantage of horse racing tips. While you can pay for a membership and learn from the best punters around, there are plenty of free sources of information as well. You can maximise the potential from free tips just as well as you can with tips that you have paid for. It’s all about having some savvy when you get ready to place your bets.

Don’t Be Impulsive

When you are serious about betting, nothing should be done in haste. You’re not going to close your eyes and put your finger on a winner. Listen to what those in the know have to say about the sport and combine it with your own research. For example, the top punters who have been around the sport for years will tell you that the first and second favourites will give you the best odds. It’s sensible when you think about it. These are the horses that are winning or placing well week after week. You’re going to want to focus on the horses that have a good record and bring in the wins on a consistent basis. Know who they are and you’ll find yourself on the winning end more often than not.

Study a Horse’s History

In horse racing, it’s all about picking horses that are in their prime with a blood line that has bred victory in the past. When you place a bet, it should be on a horse that comes from a succession of winning horses. When an owner chooses wisely and only trains the cream of the crop, it will pay off. If your horse of the day comes from a family that has had a winning streak for generations, expect better odds.

Think About Daily Conditions

As you get ready to place your bet, bear in mind that the conditions at the track and any changes in weather could affect the race. For example, the horses are going to run better on a cooler day. If the track is wet, there is always a risk of injury. You may find that conditions are consistently better at one track and choose that as the best one for you. Pay attention to the competitors as well. If there is any word of an injury or some type of stain on a favourite, you may want to choose a different horse that day. Keep your bets small and you’re bound to find the whole experience more satisfying as well. You won’t break the bank on a loss, but you’ll still make respectable gains when you win.