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Three Key NRL Footy Tipping Principles You Need to Include in Your Team Assessment

Footy tipping NRL matches is all about the teams. If you’re good at assessing the teams playing in a game, then you’re good to go. However, this is much easier said than done. When trying to figure out how likely your team is to win a game, there are certain NRL footy tipping principles that will assist in your tipping strategy. If your team assessment includes the right principles, you can expect to have a good tipping season. Let’s review the three key principles that will help you win your bets in 2014.

Where Are the Strongest Playmakers?

You don’t have to actually know the exact place where they are. All you need to know is if they’re on the field, playing. If the strongest players are doing what they’re supposed to do, then the chances of that team winning are very good. At the very least, that team is going to play at its fullest ability. If, however, the team’s strongest players are absent for whatever reason, you should be careful. The greater the number of strong players absent from a game, the better it is for you to oppose it. How can you identify a team’s strongest players? That’s the easy part! A team’s strongest are usually the team’s first choices.

Is there Hype Around a Team or Its Club? Proceed with Care

If you have absolutely no information about a team other than the fact that there’s a lot of hype around it, oppose it. Every year, a certain team receives constant praise, and commentators say that team is set to win the whole show. Many punters choose to bet on that team because of the hype alone. However, nearly every year, the hyped team recorded catastrophic losses. This means that the punters who tipped those teams were also affected. You can avoid this by being very careful in looking at that team’s chances of actually winning. How has it performed in the past? Does it have strong players? If it appears that the team might actually have good chances, then it’s ok for you to bet on it. Otherwise, go against it.

Key Players Under the Microscope

As with any other team sport, in rugby there are certain players that are more important than others. Those are the players you should be paying close attention to. Take a careful look at their history. Are they strong players? Do they have a reputation of making key plays at the right moment? If the answer to those questions is “yes”, then the team they’re playing on is a good team to bet on. Important positions to be on the lookout for include the full-back, the centre, and the stand-off. If these are in good standing, tip on their team.

Footy tipping in the NRL depends highly on the teams. If you know how to assess each team, then you’re bound to win. However, in order to do that, you first have to know what to look for. Having strong and effective principles going into footy tipping is crucial. With these footy tipping principles, you can look for all the right factors and choose the team that is most likely to win.