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Horse Racing Form

When studying horse racing form, there are some critical factors to ensure you have on your checklist:

Recent results

The last 3 performances of a horse are seen to be the critical races that can predict where the horse will run in the next.  A simple technique is to add the 3 last finished positions of each horse and get their sums and then compare these sums.  The horse with the smallest numerical sum has the most potential of coming in the ‘win’ position.  This is just one simple way to assess horse racing form.  How to understand a horse’s form and how to use it to advantage will give you an edge in racing. Sometimes a horse is shown with only one or two most recent past races and this is all that you’ll have in order to make an assessment. Also pay attention to how many days that the horse hasn’t raced. If the horse hasn’t raced within the past 60 days then there is approximately a 90% chance that the horse will not come in the ‘win’ position. The horse may still come across the wire in the ‘win’ position, but it is highly improbable.

Distance & Course winners

If a horse has won at the same distance as the current race then there is a good chance that it can win again at the same distance.  When a horse has won at the same distance at the same course then the horse should be rated highly for the win and considered to have good race form.

Track condition

Some horses run well on firm, dry tracks while others thrive in the wet.  It is particularly important to take the track into account in wet conditions when looking at horse racing form and focus on the horses that have previously won in those conditions.  It will become very clear which horses to eliminate from your list of potential winners.


If a horse has moved up or down a class of race, this is likely to affect its race form. If it’s moved up, there is a good chance that it will take a few races before it gets used to the stiffer competition. If it’s moved down a class, this could be a sign that it will have a better chance of winning against what it should see as weaker competition.