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AFL Grand Final 3 game series

                  AFL Grand Final 2020

AFL GRAND FINAL 2020 – 3 Game Series

The AFL Betting Tips 2020 season is up in the air as to when it may or may not start. We hear that an AFL home and away season August to November with a December AFL finals series is the currently pencilled on the whiteboard. The makes an AFL Grand Final to take place in December with even New Years Eve thrown up.

The AFL is showing the appetite to try some new things in a compromised AFL Betting Tips season 2020. A lot if this appetite is about trying to maximise revenue opportunities in what is a disastrous cashflow position for the AFL and its clubs.

One of the big scenarios thrown is a 3 Series AFL Grand Final. Now that would fix some cashflow issues, especially if it was played at the MCG (this may be problematic with the crickets season in full swing).

This would be such a big departure from what all Australians have come to know with our great game being a one off decider to crown the AFL Premiership. So lets investigate the ups and downs of what a 3 game AFL Grand Final Series may look like.

AFL Grand Final 2020 – Pros

Best Team Wins – Its safe to assume that over a best of 3 AFL Grand Final’s Series the “best” team would win. With the AFL Grand Final being a one time event its possible for the best team to have an “off” day and get rolled. Whereas if they lose game 1 they have another chance the next week at the quick redemption and over a 3 game series the most talented side should prevail.

Bigger Rivalries – If an AFL Grand Final series was a 3 game decider the rivalry between the 2 competing sides would increase markedly. With back to back games and the big prize on the line the desire between the combatants would naturally create a competitive environment like one we haven’t seen.

Bigger Revenue – The eyeballs that would be attracted to a 3 game Grand Final series would enable the AFL to possibly command even bigger bucks in their broadcasting deal. Whilst a 3 game series may not attract the level of interest a one game decider does on a single game basis, across 3 matches the aggregate would be markedly higher. Gate receipts and merchandise of course would also go through the roof.

Home and Away Aspect – Whilst the MCG will always be the home of AFL a 3 game Grand Final series would give the non Victorian the chance to host a big game. The team that finished higher naturally would be entitled to host 2 of the 3 matches in their state. Of course if it was 2 Melbourne based sided it would be played there.

There are some rostering of grounds issues with this option of course making the logistics of programming difficult. Perhaps the AFL just bite the bullet and have an AFL Grand Final series Melbourne/Adelaide/Perth in the same manner that the NRL do for State of Origin. Take the game to the people in times of trouble.

Player of the Series Medal – No doubt the Norm Smith Medal is a medal all players want to win, because it means you stood up on the big stage. However the medal that could have equal importance would be a “player of the Grand Final Series”. This indicates the player was able to stand up consecutively to deliver when it counted.

Fan Access – Tickets to the AFL Grand Final have become a corporate affair over the last 20 years in particular. Without doubt the Preliminary Finals are the atmospheres with the greatest vibe given it’s the fans last real chance to see their side. If the Grand Final became a best of three it gives many more people the opportunity to be part of the game.

AFL Grand Final 2020 – Cons

Change of Tradition – A 3 game AFL Grand Final series is a massive departure from what we all know of this great game. The idea of a one off winner takes all is part of what makes our game different to many others in the world. It is also an event so deeply entrenched into the AFL footy loving society that it may take some warming to the idea of a 3 game series for many.

Blowout Games – Imagine having to watch two Port Adelaide (2007) or GWS (last year) Grand Finals 3 times. At least if a team doesn’t measure up under the heat on Grad Final day then you are only put through that torture once. Obviously in a 3 game series there is a redemptive chance of a big turn around for these sides. But in general there is a risk of there being 2 blowout games in these scenarios. Nothing anyone wans to see

Tougher for Underdog – Expectation is something that weighs very heavily particularly on favourites Grand Final day. The fact that you can win every game through the year and still not be Premier if you lose that last game in September does funny things to the minds of players and coaches alike. The pressure valve that could be released for a favourite in particular when they know they live another day even if they lose one game could be the settler that calms the favs.

Divided Attention – Grand Final day is such an event that the public anticipation in the lead up is electrifying. It is hard to know if a 3 game series would have the same level of impact given that it takes three weeks to crown an AFL Premier whereas as opposed to the 2 hours of AFL it currently takes. It seems with the entire experience being crammed into 2 hours creates a hyper feel about it, something that would be unsustainable over the 3 week period.

AFL Grand Final 2020 – Summary

So that’s a brief look at the pluses and minuses of a 3 game AFL Grand Final series. Although there appears to be more pros than cons the emotion that is attached to tradition could be so strong that it stays as the on game decider.

When you look around there are many sports who decide their champion in different ways, The NBA is the best of 7 series, the Ice Hockey is a best of 7 series and the English Premier League is the team that finishes top so it rewards a whole season of effort. When it is all said and done though the biggest ticket in world sport is arguably the Superbowl for the NFL a one game championship decider.

AFL Betting Tips season 2020 will be a season like no other and whilst it may be the time for the AFL to investigate some changes to the game we are not sure a 3 game AFL Grand Final decider would cut it with the public. But if you are ever going to try something different, now would be the time to do it.

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