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Adelaide Racing Trifecta pays $1,930

Sadente wins Race 9 at Morphettville

Saturday Racing Tips – Exotic Bets

We put out an interesting article two weeks ago in relation to Exotic Betting and had great feedback from our Saturday Racing Tips subscribers. We know many of our Racing Tips subscribers and followers use Exotic Bets as there main betting strategy for using the iTipsports Racing Form Sheets for Saturday Racing Tips. Exotic Bet types include quinella, trifecta, first 4, treble, double, quadrella and all up multi bets.

Basically, anything that requires more than 1 horse to deliver you a winning betting result. We had a great example (and winning result) last Saturday at Morphettville from our Expert Adelaide Racing Tips analyst, Value Victor.

In the last race at Morphettville Adelaide Racing Tips last Saturday, Victor had selected 6 value chances in race 9. Rather than recommending to back them all via a Staking Plan, his advise was to take a 6 horse Trifecta. The full 1 unit would have cost you $120 (6 x 5 x 4 horses = $120) or you can take it as a % of 100% (ie 25% of $120 = $25 investment).

And what a result it was for Adelaide Saturday Racing Tips investors at iTipsports Racing with the Trifecta getting home and paying $1,930 for the numbers 12,7,16.

Here is an excerpt and the recommended bet on the form sheet for last Saturday Adelaide Racing Tips. We also include the Exotic Bets article for your reference and we hope you enjoy the article. Congrats to those who took the winning bet.

Adelaide Saturday Racing Tips – MORPHETTVILLE RACE 9 – (last Saturday)

Betting Strategy – as we mentioned in our recent “exotic bets” article they can at times represent the best play we feel this could be a profile of race suitable to a trifecta play only. The value play is clearly a boxed trifecta, it looks a race with some nice value chances and we feel a trifecta play will give us the best chance at a return on our money, we have included the trifecta selections below with a brief comment on reason they are in

N6 GO BALLISTIC ($6)-Very nice on pace effort in the country last run, has good jockey to overcome bad gate and measures right up here
N7 TABERNA ($8.50)-drop in grade here gives her a good chance to spike in effort slightly back in trip looks a plus
N8 NO JOY ($11)-out the back and really found the line strongly last run, will be charging at the end
N12 SADENTE ($6) Very good effort after being badly held up at the top of the straight took a stack of ground off winner-very good.
N14 BIG CALL ($12)-to bad to be true last run the run to go on was its very strong win the run before, overlooking last start fail.
N16 WOULD THOUGHT SO (EMERG) ($12)-very good against the track pattern last run, came with barnstorming finish and put them away nicely, harder here but if gets a run could measure up
Trifecta numbers are 6-7-8-12-14-16.
Cost is $120 for 1 unit so obviously you can take it for a percentage you are happy with-for example a $30 investment would get you 25% of the dividend

Saturday Racing Tips – WHAT IS AN “EXOTIC BET

In its most basic form an “Exotic Bet” is a bet that includes MORE than 1 horse. So for example Doubles (min 2 horses) Trebles (min 3 horses) Quadrella (min 4 horses), Quinella (min 2 horses), Trifecta (min 3 horses), First 4 (min 4 horses) and even an “all up” or “multi bet” are all examples of Exotic Betting. If more than one horse is involved in your bet than it can be referred to as an Exotic Bet.


Generally the main reason people take Exotic Bets is the perception of getting the bigger bang for their buck. Given that it is possible to invest small for big returns with these bet types it tends to be the enticing factor for people. However with that upside there is the obvious downside as well. Given that an Exotic Bet needs more than one outcome to occur (eg in a quadrella you have to pick 4 winners not just one) the chances to collect regularly are diminished. So its important to note that although the collects could be big the run of outs could also be long.


You must always back VALUE. In any pursuit of attempting to profit from investing in horse racing and sports betting, you must always be backing horses that are over their true odds of winning. In other words you must always invest with the edge in your favour. We believe we supply you with selections that incorporate an edge at iTipsports so having our information is a good place to start.

However there is something else to understand when it comes to value when talking about Exotic Bets. Quite often it is very probable that over the four legs of a Quadrella for example, there could be 2 horses that win (under their true odds) and two horses that win (grossly over their true odds). So the overall total value when multiplied out can still give a positive expected return. So when deciding what horses to include in your Exotic Bet you need to think from a holistic bet perspective. Be attuned to the very real possibility that although you may be including horses who may be “unders” from an individual perspective when the sum of all parts comes in to play from all legs of the Exotic Bet it can create an overs play.


It is generally regarded that the Quadrella is the most popular Exotic Bet. There are a few probable reasons for this.

1. A small outlay if you can jag a couple of roughies there can be a significant return on investment.
2. For a relatively small outlay people feel they are involved in the “action” all day as their bet stands over 4 races (should they stay alive).
3. The phrase “I got the Quaddie” or “I am still alive in the Quaddie” allows the punters to puff their chest out about how accurate their knowledge of horses is.
4. The other reason is it’s a very “social” bet type that quite often sees mates get involved in a group where they may all pick one or two horses for the Quaddie” and go into a syndicate. This lends itself to social popularity.

There is however a “technical” edge to this bet type as well for the more savvy investor. The TAB takes 20% (that is their fee for supplying the product) out of the quadrella pool. This means that over 4 races you are paying a 20% takeout equivalent to 5% per race. Should you instead try and back the 4 winners individually you are betting into each individual win pool where the TAB fee is 14.5% per race. This means that over a 4 race span the “takeout” fee is 58% as opposed to 20% and a big difference and that money is better in your pocket than the TAB.


In general we supply an average of 3 tips per race and they can be used in the following ways for various exotic bets:

Quinella – Boxing up our 3 selections for 1 unit (cost $6 per unit)
Trifecta – Boxing up our 4 selections (cost $12 per unit)
First 4- Using our 3 selections to run 1,2,3 and then taking your choice of runners for 4th (cost varies depending on how many horses you select)
Daily Double – Take our 3 selections in each leg (cost $9 per unit)
Treble – Take our 3 selections in each leg ($27 per unit)
Quadrella – Take our 3 selections in each leg ($81 per unit)
Multibets – This is up to your discretion HOWEVER we advise using a maximum of 3 legs and ALL legs in the bet MUST be an overs play against our supplied odds.

That is a short overview on how to play the exotics a little more in your favour hopefully this has been of benefit. Racing Tips this Saturday from Caulfield, Rosehill, Doomben and Morphettville and form sheets and tips out 5pm Friday afternoon.


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