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Headed to the Sydney Races Today? Read Through These Strategies to Get a Leg Up

Heading to the races is a fun and exciting way to spend a Saturday, and it’s something that can be extremely rewarding in other ways, too. If you’re a horse-betting fanatic, you likely understand the financial draws a day at the races can bring, along with the excitement factor. If you’re headed to the Sydney races today, you’ll want to ensure you make the most of it. Here are a few strategies for you to implement on your day at the races; they will definitely give you the opportunity to get that leg up on your day of betting.

Punter Styles: Combining Betting Options

Depending on your punting style, you’ll have different levels of comfort with the varying betting styles and options available to you as a punter. Ultimately, the key to making your day at the Sydney races a profitable one is to choose the winning horse, but there are other ways you can implement the profitable benefits, too. Making strategic bets while combining different betting options might just be the key to turning a day of fun into a day of financial benefit, allowing you to leverage your presence and betting knowledge.

Win Betting: Understanding, Loyalty, and Knowledge

You may be most familiar with win betting, which is relied on by many bettors as the most straightforward type of bet. Here is where the punter can bet on any chosen horse in terms of who they believe will win a single race, and this type of bet becomes significantly beneficial when the punter has done their research, or is very familiar with the background and racing history of the chosen horse. Some punters choose to follow specific horses and lines of breeding, while others opt to remain loyal to particular trainers in the region.

Who you choose to follow in your betting style is up to you, but when it comes to win betting, one thing is for sure: you must do your research and gain your background knowledge well before you day at the Sydney races.

Place and Each Way Betting: A Well-Rounded Betting Style

As a less-risky alternative to the straightforward betting option of win betting, place betting is a well-rounded method that allows the punter to choose their preferred horse and win based on that horse’s performance in the race, whether they come first, second, or third. Alternatively, a punter can entertain an each way bet, which involves a place dividend. The punter will collect on both his winnings and place dividend should his chosen horse come in first place, but will also get his place dividend back if his horse places second or third.

Since these types of bets allow you to entertain the loyalty and following exhibited by win betting while still allowing for several routes of profitability, place and each way betting may be the best option for you if you’ve discovered a new favourite, have received a tip from a friend or fellow punter, or have feelings of certainty clouded by a small level of doubt.

Futures Betting: Exotic Bets and High Payouts

For highly-experienced bettors looking for a high level of excitement and more complexity in their bets, futures betting might be the most suitable option. These bets allow punters to place bets well in advance and make exotic bets that are more difficult to win but are a lot more profitable. A trifecta bet, for example, requires the punter to correctly select (in the correct order) the first, second, and third-place winners of a race. For bettors looking for a real challenge, they could try a Quaddie, which requires the correct selection of the winners of four different races.

The Winning Horse: Odds, Track, and Form

While keeping in mind the particular betting style opted for, punters should always consider the different aspects that will help them arrive at the decision of who the winning horse will be. Odds, track, and form play significant roles in this decision-making process.

Making a decision on a horse that is different from the majority of your punting colleagues is a good strategy to employ, since the odds reveal that the more people who bet on a single horse, the lower its odds are of winning. Since odds are in a constant state of fluctuation, the punter should always ensure that they are keeping abreast of this information. Different horse tracks will allow for Fixed Odds bets, but the winnings on these bets are naturally limited. The tracks themselves, which are always affected by varying weather conditions, should be kept in mind, too, especially when following the performance record of a particular winner.

Form is the key to almost every horse racing bet, which makes use of the horse’s previous record. Looking for signs of consistency and promise in a chosen winner’s form is often key to implementing loyalty and following where it’s most deserved. Keep in mind the statistics: first and second favourites take the win of 51% of their races, while non-favourites win slightly less at 49%. A horse’s familiarity with a particular track should also be considered by the punter, depending on the betting style they choose to implement on the day of the races.

Making the most of your day at the Sydney Races is often a matter of making the most of the strategies available to you as a punter. Since each and every successful punter at the Sydney Races will surely implement their own particular betting style that they are most familiar with, it is important to dedicate yourself to learning your own style. Once you feel confident that you’ve become a punter with a dedicated betting style, you will surely begin to learn and understand the positive outcomes of such a process. So on your next weekend at the Sydney races, be sure to make the most of your attendance. Implement your favourite strategies from the list above, and get a leg up on the financially beneficial aspect of the races, as well as the overall excitement of the horse-racing world.