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English Premier League Betting Tips 2021 – 2022

English Premier League

English Premier League Betting Tips 2021/22 

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The English Premier League is the highest profile sporting competition in world sport. We are delighted to present our EPL betting tips for season 2021/22. We adopt our successful HBM Human Behaviour Model analysis across our EPL soccer tips that assess the peaks and troughs of team performance. We match the bookmakers odds with these performances to establish English Premier League betting tips opportunities. We use our HBM Human Behaviour Model across the AFL, NFL, NRL as well as the EPL.  You can read more about our HBM Human Behaviour Model at https://itipsports.com.au/sports-betting-tips-human-behavior-model/

20 teams compete in the English Premier League, which commences in mid-August and finishes early May of each year. It will be an exciting EPL soccer tips season and you can JOIN NOW $49 per month AND we will give you NFL tips season 2021/22 FREE .

EPL Betting Tips – using the Human Behaviour Model analysis

The English Premier League is a full calendar of games especially for the top ranked teams. Sides compete in the FA Cup, League Cup and a number of sides compete in the Europa League and Champions League. It is not unusual for many sides to play twice weekly for some of the season and this can make for a fluctuating EPL soccer tips season. These peaks and troughs of performance in the English Premier League tips sits nicely in the iTipsports betting methodology of the HBM Human Behaviour Model.

EPL betting tips is ideally suited as it has high physicality and mentally draining performances. This results in high levels of fluctuation in human and team performance and this can give us an advantage in our EPL soccer tips. 

Where the English Premier League does have a difference is that unlike most sports, the draw is a legitimate outcome option as well as win and loss. So this means in our staking plans we will look to add a draw as a genuine bet option in our EPL tips bet types.

English Premier League tips are sent via email the morning of games and will cover both weekend and midweek games. Where teams compete head to head in other domestic competitions such as the FA Cup we will provide EPL tips for these games.

EPL tips – Big 4 and newly promoted

There used to be a big 6 in the EPL that included Arsenal and Tottenham. We believe it has now reverted to a Big 4 who dominate that are Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea, Newly promoted sides are Norwich, Watford and Brentford. EPL Betting Tips 2021/22 pre comp markets are:
Manchester City $1.67, Chelsea $5.50, Liverpool $6, Manchester United $9.50, Leicester, Tottenham $34, Arsenal $41

Sports Betting – use a Betting Bank and Staking Plan

We strongly advise you use a betting bank and a staking plan. Your betting bank should be amount of funds that you can afford that you have set aside to enjoy your English Premier League tips betting. It should not be an amount that will place you under duress. You can follow our staking plan as our EPL tips are set out in 3 unit best bet, 2 unit strong bet and 1 unit value bets stakes. We incorporate the win-draw-win betting type into our English Premier League Tips that are sent out the morning of kick off in the U.K.

The season kick off Friday 14 August in what will be the start of an exciting EPL tips season 2020/21 JOIN NOW 

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Premier League

Premier League commentary, tips and recommendations for games based on our HBM human behaviour model analysis

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