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NRL 2019 – FREE Season Trial offer

We introduce you to our FREE 2019 Season Trial of NRL tips and betting service at iTipsports. We successfully trialled our successful HBM Human Behaviour Model in NRL 2018 for a winning season and are pleased to add the NRL service to our other team sports AFL, NFL, NBA and EPL. The Human Behaviour Model applies the variances of performance of human behaviour in team sports overlayed with bookmakers odds to establish value betting propositions for subscribers. And even better, we are going to provide the NRL service FREE for the full 2019 season to give you a taste of the iTipsports tips and betting methodology. Tips will be sent out Friday afternoon with an intro of all covered games. Look for terms such as peak performance and bounce performance that underpin our tips and betting and our game coverage. We hope you enjoy your NRL 2019 FREE Season Trial.

What the punters say.

“I have seen the Human Behaviour  Model work on the NFL and AFL and are looking forward to it in the NRL”
Tony S – Glenelg East

“Fantastic that iTipsports are making the NRL package free in its first year of service”
Anthony H – Melbourne 

“3 winning years in AFL, bring it on NRL”
Gary M – Adelaide 

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  • Follows successful betting formula of HBM Human Behaviour Model applied to team sports betting
  • Tips commentary and unit investment for staking plan emailed Friday of weekend games
  • FREE service for season 2019 following winning trial season 2018

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