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EPL Betting Tips season

Introducing EPL Betting Tips 2020/21

The English Premier League Betting Tips season gets underway the weekend of 15th August. We commence coverage of the EPL Betting Tips season using our HBM Human Behaviour Model establishing sports betting opportunities in the worlds largest betting sport.

Our HBM Human Behaviour Model applies our analysis to team performance to forecast outcomes in a range of sports covered by iTipsports including AFL, NRL, NFL as well as the EPL. 

English Premier League  Bets are supplied to subscribers with a unit plan applied and we provide betting tips on win and draw results. SEASON STARTS AUGUST 14th.
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EPL Betting Tips HIGHLIGHTS 2020/21 last season

We provide some examples and winning results of EPL Betting Tips from last years English Premier League season below:

EPL Betting Tips Week 34 
We have 3 bets for EPL Betting Tips week 34 which includes 2 teams against teams on big 4 game peak performance runs and BEST BETS. Everton is on a big 4 game peak run and we take Aston Villa at the win and draw cover as a BEST BET $3.80 and $3.50. Newcastle is on a big 4 game peak run as well as they climb the table and we look to the bounce of Arsenal at $2.18 win and BEST BET. Our other bet is Brighton as they play Leeds on a 2 game peak performance run.
Brighton 1.5 unit WIN $2.20 WINNER 2-0
Arsenal 2 units WIN $2.10 WINNER 2-0
Aston Villa 1.5 unit WIN $3.50 and 1 unit draw $3.70 WINNER 1-2

EPL Betting Tips Week 31
We look to a multi bet here for Chelsea and Arsenal who take on teams that are both lower on the table AND come here with double game peak performance runs. We also take a value bet with the unpredictable Leeds at big odds looking to bounce against league leaders Man City. Man City are home but Leeds can shock.
Chelsea/Arsenal WIN multi bet $2.35 BOTH WIN
Leeds .75 unit win $10 and .25 unit draw $6 WINNER 2-1

EPL Betting Tips Week 30
EPL Betting Tips returns this weekend after the International break and crucial games take place throughout the weekend. We have 3 bets for this weekend and  all are short price favs coming up against teams on peak performances runs. We have 2 options for subscribers to capitalize on this opportunity. We will back them all 1 unit WIN and we will take them in a 3 game WIN MULTI at the bigger odds.
Man City / Man United / Southampton Multi all up WIN $5.50 WINNER
Southampton 1 unit WIN $2.10 WINNER
Man United 1 unit WIN $1.70 WINNER

Man City 1 unit WIN $1.60 WINNER

EPL Betting Tips Week 28
Manchester United comes up against a West Ham team on a roll and a peak performance run of 5 games in a row. Man United themselves do come off a big peak themselves with a 2-0 win over City but the West Ham powerful run leaves them vulnerable. We take United as a BEST BET and we take Leeds as the value odds at home win and draw versus Chelsea on a 2 game peak run.
Leeds 1 unit WIN $4.60 and .5 unit draw $3.90
Man United 1.5 unit win $1.90 and .5 unit draw $3.40

EPL Betting Tips Week 20 
Manchester United comes here off the peak 0-0 draw as underdog against  arch rival Liverpool and will be on a high from this result. This leaves them vulnerable to bottom of table Sheffield United and despite the game being at home we take the small value bet Sheff United at big odds. 

Sheffield United .75 unit win $8.50 and .25 unit draw $5.00 WINNER 2-1

Welcome to English Premier League Betting Tips 2021/22 STARTS 14TH AUGUST
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